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A Healthy Life with 11 Detoxifying Foods

Nowadays age regardless of many people’s choice who introduced many social media and recognized by Turkey and liquid detox television in relation to detox Dilşat Erdil sort nutrients food showing a natural detoxification effect. Erdil’s shared list is as follows;


Garlic is a natural antibiotic, as everyone knows. Garlic, which helps in regulating body functions, also helps in cleansing the liver and creates a detox effect.


Artichoke prevents the production of peroxynitrite, which is responsible for producing inflammation, while protecting the body from inflammations, it helps to regulate digestion and make the production of bile properly thanks to the substance named cinarin.


Lemon helps in removing toxins in the body with minerals and vitamins it contains and helps the digestive system to work by reducing the acid rate in the body.


It helps to remove toxins in the body such as Banana, Lemon and also reduces toxin production in our body. Banana, which is also used to lower cholesterol, creates a strong detox effect in the body.

Forest fruits

Fruit groups called forest fruits such as black mulberry, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry and raspberry are very useful antioxidants for our body. The most beneficial of the forest fruits is the blueberry, which improves the vascular structure with the ingredients it contains, is beneficial to eye health and prevents cancer formation. Not only blueberries but all other forest fruits have a lot of detox effect for the body.


Thanks to vitamin B6, lycopene, folic acid and beta keraten in tomato, it is one of the most useful detox vegetables. In addition, tomato, which has the feature of lowering cholesterol, helps prevent inflammation in the body.

Radish Leaf

Thanks to the ingredients in the radish leaf, it shows antioxidant properties for our body. Radish leaf contains Sulfur in addition and Sulfur enables the enzymes that provide detox in our body to take action and increase the detox effect.

Red pepper

Although red pepper is not known much, it is a very important source of vitamin C. It even contains 3 times more vitamin C than oranges. Thanks to vitamin C, it digests toxins in our body and makes harmful toxins harmless for our body.


Thanks to the sulforafan contained in broccoli, it enables our body to produce high amounts of antioxidants and thus becomes an important protector against cancer. Thanks to other ingredients in it, broccoli clears toxins from our body and helps many vitamins to enter the body.


Apple is one of the fruits that contain plenty of fiber and thanks to this fiber it contains, it cleans the body and helps to remove toxins. In addition, there is a substance called falovan in the apple, which helps reduce cholesterol and bad cholesterol.


Beet just like red pepper contains plenty of vitamin C and supports the immune system, thanks to the fiber it contains, it helps the intestines to work. Another feature of beets is to clean the blood and help purify the liver from poisons. Therefore, beets create a very important detox effect in the body and are indispensable for detox fluids.


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