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110,000 online lessons taught with Teams

Continuing its education life with the vision of raising productive and innovative generations, Mektebim College started distance education through Microsoft Teams collaborative learning platform with tens of thousands of students. students at 39 campuses in 19 cities in Turkey, continues to distance education process with innovative content produced by the school management.

Mektebim College Secondary School High School Education Manager Serdar Şeker made the following explanations about the transition process to distance education: “We consider this period as a precautionary period, not a holiday. The training format had to change during this period, and as an institution we started technical preparations. Whole range of approximately 900 days for schools in Turkey simultaneous course works. Our educational experts within the Mektebim Academic Board have made a number of decisions, from what class / age group should be in what period, how many lessons should be taught in a day, how many hours a week should be given, and which courses would be covered by distance education. We chose the platform that can respond to our needs in the most functional and effective way; We defined e-mail addresses for 10 thousands of students and started using Microsoft Teams platform. “

Stating that daily lesson programs are created for each school by organizing teachers and employees from their homes, Şeker said: “Daily and weekly lesson programs were prepared every day from 17 pre-school age groups to our 12th grade. Our teachers were provided with the necessary equipment and our students quickly started their lessons with their own teachers. In the lower classes, besides their own class curriculum, the game, web2. While playing, learning, coding and project-based contents are used extensively with 0 tools, more academic studies are carried out upwards. In our secondary and high school groups, we follow the learning processes of our students periodically by conducting online trial exams in parallel with the distance education. A total of 110 thousand courses have been held in our schools since the day the pandemic measure began. ”

Microsoft Turkey Corporate Communications Director Asli Arbel

that the disappearance of physical borders with the educational Teams Referring Microsoft Turkey Corporate Communications Director Asli Arbel, “we have developed with pedagogical research Microsoft Teams in the field of education currently 175 countries in 183 thousand in active use areas. Turkey, with more than 582 thousand students in high school and college Teams continues to distance education. Collaborative classes are created for each level of education with Teams. Solutions are provided for training needs such as digital classbooks, lesson planning, assignment tracking, sharing content and resources with students, course registration, creating regular clan meetings, organizing parent meetings and organizing webinars. At Teams, we provide learning tools developed for special situations such as translation to more than 60 foreign languages, transcribing audio text into text with our artificial intelligence services, distraction or dyslexia. School administrators, teachers and educators share best practices with each other with the Microsoft Trainer Network. ”


Cyber ​​attacks are increasing and diversifying in situations such as the epidemic we are experiencing today. Microsoft has developed educational institutions and students from these attacks and abuse scenarios.

protects with methods. Teachers can work remotely in a closed, closed and secure online classroom. He can control who can attend his lecture. Microsoft processes more than 8 trillion security signals every day, and Microsoft is following chats to help prevent negative behaviors such as cyberbullying and harassment, with advanced AI features in Teams. Teams meets over 90 legal standards on security and privacy, including KVKK, the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, and GDPR. Applications such as Microsoft Identity and Access Management, Azure Security Center and Windows Defender, Azure Advanced Threat Protection create an integrated security shield in the use of Teams. With Teams, students don’t miss classes.

Teachers can safely open their course enrollments to “asynchronous learning” with Microsoft Stream service for students who cannot attend classes. In Microsoft Stream, the teacher can start the video recording from anywhere and enable students to learn more focused and effectively.

It’s easy to switch to distance learning with Microsoft Teams. Microsoft provides Office 365 Education for free to all schools. All teachers and students with a valid institution account can switch to distance learning with Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Education tools. If you do not have an Office 365 Education institution account, you can download it here. Microsoft has created resources, tutorials, and how-to guides to help transition to distance learning, IT, instructors, education staff, and students during the transition. You can access these free content from the Microsoft Trainer Network.


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