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2020 Winter Eyebrow Contours Trends

Natural, full, textured and intense styles are marked on the eyebrows, elegant touches dominate the eyebrow fashion in 2020. Although social media eyebrows are popular for those who love ambitious eyebrow contour designs, it is possible to say that 2020 will be the year of preserved natural eyebrows. Founder of Conture Make up Studio, Contour Makeup Trainer Ergül Keskin, Powder. com told 2020 eyebrow contour trends.

Trends are changing in eyebrows

Rare, shed, worn out eyebrows, losing its fullness and texture, create a lifeless look. This situation negatively affects both the person’s beauty, their gaze and expression. Because eyebrows are located in the center of the face and play an important role in characterizing the gaze. Because it frames the eyes, the meaning of the eyes depends on the eyebrows positioned correctly. However, the eyebrows of many people may be congenital and not suitable for the face shape. Moreover, the eyebrows that make up the most important leg of the contouring makeup fashion have a unique fashion understanding. Especially recently, trends in eyebrows have been changing and have a decisive role in the understanding of beauty.

Natural looking eyebrows at the top of the list

The natural eyebrow look that has made its mark on recent years is also at the top of the list of eyebrow trends this year. The fact that it creates a strong and effective expression and offers an elegant look, unlike the artificial look of previous years, is increasing the importance of natural eyebrows. Increasing natural storm also affects eyebrows. Along with the more intense and thicker eyebrows are fashionable, the application of eyebrow contours is becoming increasingly common among both men and women. It will be possible to see the naturally preserved and thickened eyebrows frequently next year.

Dense eyebrows are indispensable in 2020

In this trend, where the most important star on your face is eyebrows, eyebrows with increased density are in the foreground. The most important criterion is that there is no gap between the eyebrows. In this method, keeping the eyebrows intense creates a symmetrical illusion by making the eyes look larger. Although most women try to achieve this image with eyebrow filling products, they do not want to waste time with eyebrow filling that lasts for minutes, and knows the difficulty of filling both eyebrows equally. At this point, eyebrow contour application, which reaches the help of women, provides the desired density with natural pigments.

With a long-lasting eyebrow contour application, an important application of the makeup routine is practically eliminated, and the problem of syncing ends.

Social media brows are becoming increasingly popular

He dominates many issues of social media from fashion to makeup. Social media eyebrows that can be made by those who prefer the most flawless appearance are generally as follows; The eyebrows of the eyebrows are lighter and flawless eyebrows that come more clearly than the outer ones. Since it is not possible to achieve this appearance with cosmetic products and to achieve the same perfection every time, the eyebrow contour is a great advantage. Perfect eyebrows positioned according to the person’s eye and face shape always provide a well-groomed, beautiful and trendy look.


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