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25-Year-Old Model Romee Strijd Attracts Attention With Her Nude Photos

Romee Strijd Victoria's Secret Angel in News with Pregnancy Photos

Another angel of Victoria’s Secret is starting a family. Romee Strijd shared the news that she was pregnant with her followers on her Instagram account. Romee Strijd, 25-year-old hot model, informed her followers that she will give birth soon. Especially after the nude photos he shared on his social media account, he rose to the top of the news.

Romee Strijd shared his photo with his wife Laurens van Leeuwen, heralding the news that they are expecting a baby.

Strijd said he hadn’t had menstruation for 7 years due to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and was therefore worried that they might not have children. Strijd shared his process with his followers:

* Because of not having the option to discharge for a very long time, a conclusion of Polycystic Ovary was made 2 years prior. She feared not being a mother and having our greatest dream family with Lauren. Afterward, I understood that my Polycystic Ovary was not a typical condition.

* Mine was brought about by my body battling flight mode, ie battling pressure. Everybody’s structure is extraordinary, however so much movement made this outcome for me. I attempted characteristic cures, did the correct activities, arrived at the normal load for my body, and didn’t compel myself to get more fit.

* I likewise attempted regular food supplements, did needle therapy and visited my nation, the Netherlands, all the more frequently and invested energy with my family.

The Dutch model, born in 1995, has been with Dutchmen Laurens van Leeuwen for 10 years.

Good news came from the couple, who had been together since their early teens and who, despite the changing life of Romee Strijd, did not stay apart. However, the pregnancy announcement she made on her YouTube channel recently reveals a sad truth about the lives of the models.

Saying that he did not even dream of becoming a mother one day, Romee Strijd actually brought up an important problem regarding the lives of the coveted models. There are thousands of young girls eager to be a model. The already recognized models work like a professional athlete to keep their jobs and adapt to this competitive environment.

Romee Strijd is happily married to her husband. The couple, especially in love with their childhood, always manage to paint a happy family picture on social media. Strijd will now crown their happiness with her husband with a baby.

Victoria's Secret Angel Romee Strijd Net Worth

As of 2020, the current net worth of Romee Strijd is approximately $ 1.5 million.The net worth of the hot mannequin is expected to be $ 2M in the 2021 estimates.


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