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5 sweet greens that are most beneficial for our body

Make a healthy diet list of the 5 most beneficial greens for our body. The value of green vegetables is quickly understood today. Especially those who want to eat healthy foods usually consume sweet green vegetables. We recommend that you include these 5 greens in the best diets.

Salad rocket

Rocket; It is a greens with more nutrients than vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes and sweet potatoes. Especially arugula, which belongs to the cruciferous green vegetables family, contains a sulforaphane compound. This compound is known to stop the growth of cancer. Apart from that, this vegetable protects the eye retina and macular degeneration that causes blindness.


Providing 60 percent of our daily vitamin K need, chard is a very valuable vegetable for our body. Although vitamin K is not known by most people, it is of great importance. Apart from that, biceps helps prevent calcium from accumulating in the vessels and provides great protection against heart diseases.

Brassica Oleracea Var. Sabellica

Although this vegetable resembles a curl, it is equivalent to chard among curly leafy vegetables. It offers 20 percent vitamin A, 68 percent vitamin K, and 26 percent manganese.

Heirloom is a type of vegetable whose origin dates back to 1800’s. Italian Kale vegetable, known as Curly Collard in our country, is one of the most calcium-containing vegetables. It is also very rich in magnesium, iron, potassium, other minerals and vitamins. It is one of the most important vegetables among those who diet. It has a low calorie but also provides you with more vitamins and minerals that you need to take daily. In short, we believe that you will not miss this plant, which is a source of health, from your tables.


Most of us now know how spinach benefits our bodies. But spinach is rich in 3 special carotenoids, zeaxanthin and lutein. It is one of the richest food sources, especially in terms of antioxidants. Spinach is an annual herbaceous plant of the Amaranthaceae family with fleshy dark bright green, yellowish green numerous flowers. Native to the central and southwestern regions of the Asian continent, this plant is consumed as food in many different parts of the world.


Bok choy, known as Chinese cabbage, is used in soups and fries. It has crisp white stems and delicate green leaves. It also has natural ingredients such as Bok Choy, a cruciferous vegetable, broccoli and brussel sprouts that reduce cancer risk.

Chinese cabbage, pak choi or pok choi is a type of Chinese cabbage. Chinensis varieties do not form heads and instead have green leaf blades with lighter bulbous bottoms and form a cluster reminiscent of mustard greens. Chinensis varieties are popular in Southern China and Southeast Asia.


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