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6.5 million pounds investment from Japan to Turkey

Offering multiple cold wallet usage, high security and high volume fast transaction support, Koindex says hello to digital asset investors with its innovative return models and low transaction fees. At Koindex, which operates with lower transaction fees than most of the global stock exchanges, users also have the opportunity to get back their transaction fees. Koindex also announced that it will introduce the sales partnership (reference) model, which is common among digital asset platforms, to the investor in order to reach a wider audience.

Starting its operations with the aim of becoming the best digital asset platform in its class with high quality trading and listing services, Koindex appeals to the global user community by offering a reliable, transparent, efficient and stable trading platform. Designed with a user-friendly interface to facilitate access to cryptocurrencies and digital assets, especially Bitcoin, the platform offers token holders various ways of earning, such as trade mining, token holding (pledge) and margin trading.

Investment from Japan, technology from Turkey

In Turkey, crypto-currency high volume of transactions in the field of themselves in this ecosystem investment is encouraged to emphasize that Koindex International from Sunday Responsible Managing Partner Anthony in Kno: “Turkey’s future have an intense interest in particular to the crypto-currency called currency. Turkey’s transformation quickly adopt innovative young population, also it shows itself in the world of crypto currency. We will work with great devotion to uncover this potential. Koindex market as a new player, especially Turkey, we aim to capture a significant output with our own money crypto KO. We have a strong infrastructure and expertise to meet tomorrow’s needs and expectations for digital asset trading. Investors focused on trying to provide the best experience, we hit the road to deliver needed services in this area in Turkey, “he said.

Koindex the specific platform that separates the main elements from other crypto currency exchange KO tokens is developed by a local team recurrent Koindex Business Development and Marketing Consultant Miracles Zübeyiroğl is: “Research shows that quite a high level of interest in the crypto-currency area in Turkey. We also observe that the interest of individual and institutional investors in cryptocurrencies increases especially with the effect of corona virus epidemic. Complete with Koindex money from Asian investors in this period reconsideration request in Turkey also reinforces the credibility of the crypto money ecosystem in Turkey. He added.

First crypto token with basket rate index: KOIN

The value of the token named KOIN that Koindex will use on its platform is determined according to the KOIN Index, which is created based on gold, US Dollars and Bitcoin (BTC). As a result of the market update to be made automatically on the first day of each month over these three rates, the exchange composition is also renewed in order to keep the price stable. Gold, USD and BTC rate is recalculated in daily volatility above 10 percent in the index. Thus, the value of the KOIN is expected to increase gradually, mainly indexed to the gold price.

Trading mining draws attention as a revolutionary system that provides both income and capital gain. This structure is based on returns from transaction fees. These fees are refunded partially or completely to the user as “KOIN” by Koindex.

June 3, 2020 for VIP investors, June 7, 2020 is to be held in Turkey in the pre-sale for all investors will be able to have days of KO KO with much more reasonable prices.


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