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A 5-minute Short Film Accompanying Season 2 of The Boys Has Been Released

After the first season finale of The Boys, a five-minute short film was released showing what happened to Billy Butcher.

The Boys, which met with the audience on Amazon Prime Video last year and made its name among the best new series of the year with its different perspective on superhero stories, returned to the screens on September 4 with its second season. While the wait for the 4th episode of season 2, which aired its first three episodes on September 4, was ongoing, a 5-minute short film called “Butcher”, which sheds light on what happened before this season, was released. As the name suggests, the film focuses on Karl Urban’s character Billy Butcher.

Adapted from the graphic novel by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, co-authors of Preacher, The Boys brings a high-level interpretation of violence and sexuality to superhero stories. Billy Butcher, a former CIA agent, assembles a team called The Boys to control and, if necessary, eliminate the superheroes who are corrupt by fame and do more harm than good to the world.

A 5-minute Short Film Accompanying Season 2 of The Boys Has Been Released

The Boys continues to tell the story of these two groups that came face to face in the second season, both telling the process of the establishment of this team and showing how corrupt the superhero group The Seven, seen as the guardians of America.

The Boys team, who became outlaw after their plan to take down The Seven and their leader Homelander went wrong, is forced to flee from both Seven and the police in season 2. As The Boys wage their war against the Seven and the company Vought, which uses superheroes for their own benefit, the emergence of superpowered terrorists complicates matters even more.

Although it is not announced how much time elapsed between the first season finale and the first episode of the second season, it is understood that a certain time has passed. Especially what the Billy Butcher character went through during this time is not told. Unknown during the first episode of season 2, Billy comes out at the end of the episode and rejoins The Boys team. He does not describe in detail his whereabouts during that whole time, but summarizes it in just a few sentences.

The character’s experiences in this process were actually planned to be a part of season 2. These scenes were even shot. However, these scenes had to be removed later in the editing stage. Fortunately, The Boys team used these scenes to create a five-minute short film.


SEASON 2 BOYS is already halfway done and this Friday, Amazon is coming out for a week on the episode 5. Love landing or the superhero satire show they will hate it. So, if you’ve waited all week to see what happens next, you’d probably want to be able to know exactly what date and time The Boys Season 2 Episode 2 aired.

Well, look no further, here’s everything you need to know about the release date and time of The Boys Season 2 Episode 5.

The new episode, “We Gotta Go Now”, will officially air on Friday, September 18th. However, depending on where you live, you can watch The Boys a little earlier. Amazon usually streams new shows and movies at midnight GMT, i.e. 7:00 p.m. the night before (i.e. Thursday 17 September). However, there is no hard and fast rule here. Sometimes, Amazon releases new releases even earlier, and sometimes you have to wait until midnight local time.

After the Boys Season 2 Episode 5 releases, only three episodes will remain (until Season 3). A new episode will be released every Friday, which means the season finale will air on Friday, October 9th.

After playing the first three episodes at the same time, fans were a bit disappointed to learn that they would have to watch the rest for a week each week. Some unpleasant people angrily “bombarded” the show on Rotten Tomatoes.

In response, The Boys programmer Eric Kripke explained his logic in an interview with Collider, and made it clear that he and the show’s producers wanted fans to experience the story on a weekly basis rather than mixing it up all at once.

Kids make fun of Joss Whedon's Justice League in new episode

The Boys season 2 has featured above contemporary references from shitty posts and memes, including a character who was basically a stand-in for Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Now, he’s set his eyes on one of the biggest pop culture goals ever: Joss Whedon’s Justice League.

Spoilers for The Boys Season 2…

The sixth episode of The Boys’ second season shows that most of the Seven were hired for the MCU / DCEU-style team movie Dawn of the Seven. There, Queen Maeve is forced to read some horrible dialogue with her head twisted for a scene about her sexuality – something she’s uncomfortable with.

After confronting Homelander about the scene and script on set, the leader of the Seven said, “This new Joss rewrite is really singing, huh?”

Sure, The Boys could preach innocence, but the intention is clear: this is a light-hearted hit in the behind-the-scenes controversy that led Joss Whedon to go on board for the 2017 Justice League and rework the vision of director Zack Snyder originally.


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