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A big fight broke out between Marika Fruscio and Diletta Leotta

Marika Fruscio speaks tough with Diletta Leotta

The beautiful announcer, loved by the football world, shot Diletta Leotta from the ground with her colleague. Diletta Leotta, one of Italy’s most attractive speakers, received heavy criticism from her colleague. Top Calcio 24 TV presenter Marika Fruscio said for Leotta, “She has a beautiful appearance, but she doesn’t understand football.”

Presenter and model in Italy, Marika Fruscio started a new discussion in the country with her statements. Fruscio, who gave an interview to Sportpaper, used expressions that would anger his colleague Diletta Leotta while evaluating the championship race in Serie A.

The Italian server, who has been making heavy remarks about Diletta, tries to stand out with her beauty, but claims she has zero knowledge of football.

Marika Fruscio: My Favorite in the Italian League

Marika Fruscio, the presenter of Top Calcio 24 TV, said, “We are at the very beginning of the league. Napoli is one of the championship candidates. Juventus does not look so inaccessible.” Inter did not make an impression on me as a champion team. Atalanta and Sassuolo can reach a happy end despite all the difficulties, “She said.

This season, there is great competition in the Italian football league. Juventus, who has been champion for years, is very badly managed.

Diletta Leotta is not a journalist - she doesn't understand football

Finally, Fruscio used the following striking statements for his colleague Diletta Leotta: “Diletta is not a journalist first of all. I want to emphasize this specifically.”

“He’s a good presenter, he has a nice look, but he doesn’t understand football. I prefer Giorgia Rossi (Mediaset announcer) instead.”

Diletta Leotta was recently screened with Italian director and actress Alessandro Siani. It turned out that the couple, who rumored about their love affairs, had come together for work.

Diletta Leotta revealed the lie of love with Zlatan Ibrahimović to come up with the agenda

Diletta Leotta allegedly did not address her love claims deliberately, although she and Zlatan Ibrahimović had nothing to stand out. Especially the sexy announcer has been Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the biggest assistant to his popularity in recent months.


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