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We leave behind the deserted streets of Nişantaşı, which we are not used to, and enter the colorful house workshop of the young artist Pınar Unit, which is good for the feeling of loneliness and paranoia within us. There is calmness, hope and love in this house, where the sun behaves very generously, where childish faces, strange animal figures and extraordinary masks are more illuminated by daylight, looking at us from the canvas. Art and color are definitely good for us who shoot in corona days. The unit said, “I am very peaceful in my home. It is difficult to work elsewhere. My dream is to travel around the world and paint a wall in every country. ”

Defining himself as “a mother who tries to benefit in life and create some awareness, she tries to do it through art and love”, the professional journey of the Unit begins in Mimar Sinan University Graphic Design department: and continues to work with agencies. Art, on the other hand, is for me the moments I cannot distinguish from design but are freer and express myself. I don’t do it for anyone to like. I don’t know if anyone likes it. My main goal is to be able to express my moments; The words of the music I listened to at that moment, my mood at the moment, my current self, all can be reflected in my pictures. ”

The natural mood is reflected not only on his drawings but also on his clothing. The intertwined patterns of Nefes Istanbul shirt worn on Levi’s jean of Pınar Unit, which has a comfortable style, remind me of brush strokes. Although it gives the impression that it will start sitting and drawing, I can say that it is definitely good in modeling. Proof in the photos. . . With the beautiful physique and flexible body that the yoga instructor adds, the Strapless Zadig & Voltaire dress also wears the Urban Outfitters overalls, which she wears while painting. And he balances everything in his life, painting, yoga and motherhood only by “breathing” and fits in moments. . .


“I have been able to express myself since I knew how to draw,” he begins. “I used to design posters of my own band in high school. Now, this process is like a ‘state of being’. I don’t do it at a certain pace or ritual. I Yapıveriy. I don’t know, I think I am in a trance. “There is definitely a childishness, purity, prank and mystery in his drawings. In the natural and complex forms of the unit, it is possible to notice that “I am doing” and that unpreparedness: “I would love to have the freedom of the children. I admire their colors and figures, the way they express themselves. They have an amazing dream world. I can even say I’m making copies from them. ”

He believes in the power of the street in art: “I think the street should be the core of this business. Galleries and museums play a crucial role in protecting, archiving and transferring them to large audiences, but now they do it on social media. Sharing a street art can touch millions. Art on the street is provocative, political and revolutionary. He also supports this idea with the street art project he embraces: “I am one of the artists in the Şahmeran project in Mardin. This is a public art project. The sculptures designed by Ayla Turan and interpreted by 25 artists will be exhibited on the streets in Mardin. I think it is also a good idea to have an online exhibition when people are not out on the streets. ”


“I like that people have their own style. Everyone should find his style, if it is not just to wear something just because it is fashionable, it should not be worn. Whether it is a woman or a man, everyone should look at himself and express his respect to the outside in this way. ” When you look at the Pınar Unit, you see that she carries her sexy Stella McCartney jumpsuit with her red lipstick, jean and converse, and the white jumpsuit she wears while painting, and you realize that she likes different styles: “Zadig & Voltaire I like the most. Those brands. I like the simplicity of COS. I buy basic parts from Zara. Acne Studios is very cool but a little expensive. Timeless fashion icon, Vivienne Westwood.


It has an important place in yoga life. He perceives yoga, which he believes that he nurtures his imagination and creativity and saves him from monotony, is a philosophy that determines the vision of the person rather than physical movements: “Yoga does not only mean physical activity on the mat, it is a way of life, the way life should be, and the original is much deeper. Yoga requires a flexible mind beyond a flexible body. For this reason, I act with the same awareness while drawing, cooking, washing dishes. We can get rid of our fears and illusions in our minds thanks to yoga, which takes us to freedom. ”


“There is no word for the beauty that comes from within. That’s why it’s hard to describe. I can say ‘Spirit’, I think beauty. Whatever comes in from it is reflected out. Whatever you feel and live is parallel to the physical extent inside and outside. “Pınar Unit gives its soul not only with its natural and warm attitudes, but also with the warmth and sincerity and joy that draw attention in its drawings.

It is not a coincidence that he searches for happiness, not outside, but: “We reach true happiness when we find happiness in ourselves, not outside or anyone else. Because then it becomes infinite. ”

Beauty rituals are as follows: “I try to get up early in the morning. Although I normally start the day with yoga or walking, I am doing 5 poses in Tibet’s Youth Spring book. And I absolutely balance my chakras. I give myself reiki. I go to regular baths, I do not use any skin care products, I only apply coconut oil on my skin from time to time. I also recommend natural products such as cucumber peel, aloe vera. I am careful not to consume alcohol, I eat a wide variety. I eat what I want, but I live with a small interval and maximum of two meals a day. I try to keep six hours between meals. The digestive system consists of our organs that tire and age the body the most. Low and easily digestible foods make us energetic and young. ”


“I travel a lot and I can’t stay in a city. I am crazy about nature and mountains. I carry a minimum of items, but I do not travel in the winter without a hot water bag. And of course my yoga mat always follows me. Do dreams come to an end? My biggest dream is to live with the person I love in nature. I want to raise my children in animals and nature by pressing the ground. ”

“I like jewelry and pearl beads, I buy lots and lose lots. The silver rings I bought from Peru cannot be given up. I also use my 108 beaded meditation necklaces as accessories. I have some jewelery for family heirloom, I wear them on very special occasions. ”

Its corporate identity, design and drawings on its own magnolistanbul

(@magnolistanbul) scarves are very stylish.

The COS bag, which has its own drawing on it, is both very stylish and very practical (above). Saying that he loves wearing a hat, Pınar Unit adds that he collected different hats from his travels.

Article: Selin Miloşyan

Photos: Erbil Balta

ELLE Turkey is taken from the April 2020 number.


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