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A quick look at 2020 bridal trends with Oleg Cassini

Minimal details integrated with simplicity, eye-catching models blended with lace and tulle are getting ready to become this year’s favorite bridal dresses. Oleg Cassini invites bold and modern bride candidates to his own story in 2020!

What Will Be Different in 2020 Wedding Dresses?

Wedding dress fashion makes its unique change in 2020; While lightening tulles turn into more modern silhouettes, contemporary and innovative designs are preparing to make their mark on the year.

One of the first brands that come to mind when it comes to wedding dress fashion, Oleg Cassini’s 2020 wedding dress models stand out with minimal silhouettes, fluffy tulle-like tulle tulle and folded skirts. In models that blend lace romance with tulle, the combination of innocence and glamor makes the wedding dresses an assertive stance. Both elegant and comfortable wedding dresses are waiting at Oleg Cassini stores to share the excitement of the bride-to-be.

1) Flawless and Powerful with Corset Effect!

The transparent effect of tulle and lace will be combined with the flawless look created by the underwire, while corset top wedding dresses will be one of the favorite trends of this year.

One of the most assertive appearances among 2020 bridal dresses, bodice wedding dresses perfectly grasp the body, creating a highly attractive corset effect. This year’s bridal candidates will achieve a modern and sexy look in bodice wedding dresses that create an artistic effect with the use of underwire. The rise of the corset, which creates a strong and perfect stance, will be one of the leading trends of 2020.

2) Renaissance Effect Will Be Dizzy!

This year, the magnificent silhouettes of ancient times are entering our lives again in bridal fashion. Impressive big skirts and collar details are combined with nude tones and the effect is strengthened in romantic wedding dresses, which are brought to life with today’s retro contemporary design interpretation.

The romance-filled wedding dresses in sepia tones, refined with elegant elegance, announce that they will be at the forefront of 2020 bridal fashion.

3) Ultra Minimal Silhouettes – Simple and Modern Designs

2020 wedding dress trends, “The trend of simplification will continue this year!” says. Modern, minimal wedding dress designs will also be considered in 2020. Wedding dresses created with plain fabrics and exaggerated designs appeal to romantic brides who like simplicity.

4) Are You Ready for Poetic Arms in Wedding Dresses?

Different arm styles will also come to the fore in 2020 wedding dress models. Fluffy balloon sleeves that are as remarkable as romantic, while increasing the visuality in plain wedding dresses; Lace long sleeves with embroidered sleeves that wrap the arm tightly add an elegant interpretation to the wedding dresses. The arms, which transform the bride into a special piece of art at her wedding with a three-dimensional look, will be very popular this season.

5) Let the Wedding Dress with Innocent Bow Phenomenon Begin!

This year, bow detailed wedding gowns add difference to the interpretation of elegance with their cool and elegant visuals. Particularly in the back decollete of the plain models, the arch details make a noticeable and remarkable effect in the details of the arch, adorn the 2020 wedding dresses. Satin fabrics combined with the eye-catching splendor created by the bow wink to maximal romance.

6) Confident Posture: Luxury Bohemian

Appealing to free spirits and prepared for today’s stylish bohemian dresses, this season, we come across with animated crochet lace designs and sometimes flywheels.

Bohemian bridal gowns, which are brought to life by flying ruffle chiffon, thin straps, draped lace or tassel details, offer simplicity, elegance and comfort to 2020 brides. Oleg Cassini crowns this year with designs dedicated to “luxury bohemian” women.

7) 70’s Effect and Floor-to-Fold Skirts Ready for Dizzy Dancing

Wedding dresses with floor skirts in the 2020 bridal collection, reflecting the spirit of the 70s, bring a modern look to today’s princesses. Flowing tulle, thin lace and lean satin, with layers of motion, turn into an original design in wedding dresses.

8) The Royal Effect Continues on Steep Collars

High necklines that show a confident and sophisticated stance stand out especially in lace wedding dresses. Long sleeve, steep neck wedding dresses that carry the 1920s to the present, especially appeal to 2020 autumn winter brides. The royal atmosphere and lace created by the upright collar invite you to a special dance with melodies that never end from the past to the present.

9) Say Hello to Sporty and Sexy Halter Collars!

Halter catches emphasizing the beauty of the shoulders add an actress and sporty appeal to both narrow and fluffy wedding dresses. Halter neckline bridal gowns, which will appear quite often this year, draw attention to all shoulders starting from the neck. Completing with skirts accompanying the body area adorned with fine embroidery, it is possible to achieve a flashy or minimal but sexy look in every way.

10) Light and Moving Wedding Gowns!

Wedding dresses prepared with flying feathers that feel like a dream are among the models to be seen in this season. While the feathers used in the skirts, sleeves or collar details of the bridal dress strengthen its position among the 2020 wedding dress trends, it offers solutions to the candidates who are looking for a difference. Featuring a vibrant and delicate look, the feathers combine with the quality of Oleg Cassini. It is enough to visit Oleg Cassini stores for bridal gowns that turn into a visual feast with embroideries and tulle accompanying the feathers!

11) Crystal Effect: Bright, Even Brighter!

Get ready for the sparkly tulle that covers the whole wedding dress! Shimmering tulle, combined with brightly embroidered lace, make up all the light-emitting crystal brides. While a romantic effect is created with fine hanger choices in wedding dresses where self-sparkling fabrics are used with care, the leading trend of 2020 is the crystal effect. Enriched with silvery fabrics and sparkling stones, A-cut wedding dresses promise an eye-catching glow.

12) Noble and Lean Satin

The noble and plain texture of satin is interpreted in different patterns. We will see the flowy and full-bodied satin wedding dresses this year. Satin fabric, representing nobility from start to finish and offering a minimal flair, frequently appears in 2020 wedding dress models.

While a princess or fish-cut wedding dress made of satin fabric is made from top to bottom, it looks as flashy as it is noble; It is a candidate to be a good solution for ambitious bride candidates who love classics as well as unusual.

13) Ambitious Feminine: New Masked

Ecru, ivory tuxedo or white suit alternatives for bride candidates who are looking for a masked stance and an extraordinary look are already taking their place in the 2020 collections. By combining sharp lines with satin fabric in the form of trousers and jackets, Oleg Cassini is proud to present this year’s new ambitious feminine suits.


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