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A woman in China sent 1 ton of onions to her lover who cheated on her: ‘I cried for days, now it’s your turn’

According to reports in the Chinese press, the young woman whose surname was declared as Zhao was abandoned by her boyfriend about a year ago. Zhao, who also learned that he was deceived, shed tears for days before, but was angry that his ex-boyfriend continued to live as if nothing had happened.

Taking action, Zhao ordered a ton of onions and negotiated with a firm to deliver to her boyfriend’s door. He asked the company not to communicate with the buyer and leave the onions on the door. Zhao also attached the note “I cried for three days, now it’s your turn”.

‘I wanted to know the taste of the tear’

The young man in Shandong Province was stunned when he saw a pickup of onions at his door. Images of the man attracted great attention on social media.

Speaking to the local press, Zhao said, “I heard that my friends were not upset at all after leaving me. I spent three days crying at home, so my heart was broken. So I ordered a ton of onions to send it home. I have money. I wanted him to know the taste of the tear. ”

The young man argued that he had left Zhao because of his “extremely dramatic behavior.”

Neighbors are offended: I do not know him, but I cried for sure

The couple’s reckoning affected the neighbors of the young man the most. A neighbor who lives in the same apartment said, “I don’t know if her boyfriend cried, but I cried for sure. The whole neighborhood smells of onions. ”


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