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Adult movie star Kendra Lust Surprises Again

Adult movie star Kendra Lust was on the agenda again. The famous adult film actress made a sound with social media sharing.

Kendra Lust, James Rodriguez 'birthday surprise

Adult movie star Kendra Lust celebrated James Rodriguez ‘birthday on social media: I hope you liked it.

Adult movie star Kendra Lust celebrated the birthday of Colombian soccer player James Rodriguez, who turned 29 yesterday, from social media. “I hope you liked it” on Lust’s twit attracted attention.

Real Madrid’s Colombian footballer James Rodriguez, who played for rent in German giant Bayern Munich, recently turned 29 years old.

Kendra Lust states that she met the world-famous footballer very closely. Especially after James left his wife, he got into a close friendship with Kendra. James, who settled in Germany, was frequently reflected in the news he visited in the USA.

Adult movie star Kendra Lust was among those celebrating Rodriguez’s birthday.

“Happy birthday, James, I hope you liked it”, Kendra Lust shared the Colombian football player ‘twit’ from her personal twitter account.

Colombian footballer James Rodriguez

Colombian football player James Rodriguez, who became the top scorer with 6 goals scored in the 2014 World Cup, was transferred to Real Madrid that summer. The 29-year-old football player, who could not find a chance to form much in the Spanish giant, was rented to Bayern Munich last season and had a league championship with the German team.

James Rodriguez followed adult movie stars from his social media account after leaving his 6-year-old wife, Daniela Ospina.

Since then, Rodriguez has been moving on social media accounts. Especially, many adults began to make friends with movie stars. Such friendships were claimed to pose big problems to football and life.

Kendra Lust Doesn't Plan to Retire

US adult movie star “Kendra Lust” stated that she did not intend to retire. He notes that he still loves his job, especially despite his advancing age. Saying that he is one of the richest names in this industry, Kendra says he no longer does it for money. He states that he tries to survive with sports and lives healthy.

New Adult Movies will come

Kendra Lust informed her followers that their new movies will come from their social media accounts. Stating that he was working on a long program especially, “Kendra Lust” left his note to meet with his new movies in the coming months.


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