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Adult movie star Mia Khalifa Revolts Against Famous Singer

Adult movie star Mia Khalifa rebelled against Shakira, who was silent about the Beirut boom: You just don't have enough money!

Former sexually explicit movie star Mia Khalifa reproached the world-renowned singer Shakira, who is of Lebanese origin, as she said, “You should have supported people by raising your voice, not your money,” for keeping silent in the face of the terrible explosion in Beirut.

Mia Khalifa, the most famous porn star of the time, is on a support campaign for Lebanon. Mia, the beautiful woman of adult movies, has warned many singers to support charity campaigns.

After the catastrophic explosion that took place in Beirut on August 4 and killed more than 170 people, many stars donated, Shakira kept many social media users in action with Khalifa, who kept her silence.

Khalifa, 27-year-old Lebanese-born, former US sexually explicit film star, said that Shakira failed to donate money to humanitarian aid efforts in Lebanon, and that she failed Lebanon because of the suffering of Beirut residents.

Commenting on her Instagram account, Khalifa told Shakira, “You are half Lebanese and take your family to Lebanon on holidays, but you have been silent the whole time they most need you to make an impact on them in the world.”


Khalifa also shared a screenshot of Shakira’s 68 million-follower Instagram account, revolting, “It was enough to help people understand the gravity of this tragedy by raising your voice, not your money.”

Lebanese-born star Mia Khalifa had the glasses she used in her movies auctioned for victims of the explosion in Beirut. Expressing reproachful words for the singer Shakira, Mia Khalifa requested assistance for Lebanon.


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