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Alice Campello, Alvaro Morata wife, tells her dating stories

Alice Campello told her stories of meeting with Álvaro Morata: The fact that she answered her message months later caused surprise on her followers. Alvaro Morata’s wife, Alice Campello, told the stories of her meeting with the Spanish striker. Alvaro Morata, who continues to play in the Italian league, was greeted with interest when his wife told her stories of dating years ago. Many of his followers enjoyed reading his love life full of coincidences.

Alice Campello told her stories of meeting Morata: I answered her message months later

Alvaro Morata‘s wife, Alice Campello, told the stories of her meeting with the Spanish striker. Campello, who said that Morata found himself in his first period in Juventus while asking for a signature in a camp and thanks to the photo reflected on the cameras and became a legend, Campello stated that the sacrifices made by the successful striker affected him very much.

Alice Campello, the wife of Alvaro Morata, one of the fittest strikers in Europe with her performance in Juventus jersey this season, told how they met the Spanish striker.

Giving an interview to Chi Magazine, Campello said that during her first period in Juventus, Morata saw only one photo of herself and tried to reach her through that photo.

Alice Campello Morata found my Instagram account

“I only saw one of my photos and contacted many people and asked if they knew me, but we had no mutual friends,” said Alice Campello, “Then she found my Instagram account and texted me. I did not see the first message she sent, I answered months later and we met later. On our first meeting, I saw that he was impressed by me because he immediately showed that he was serious.

For example, two weeks after our first meeting, the next morning, although he was training in Turin, he came to us by driving for 8 hours continuously to meet my family. This and thousands of gestures like that … His family and friends had never seen him like this and he never stopped saying he wanted to marry me. He proposed to me 8 months after our relationship started. It has been 5 years and we have 3 children in this period. I think this is the biggest indicator of love. You can succeed if you change your priorities and only want to build something with the person you love. My feelings were the same with Alvaro, “he said.

Reasons to fall in love

Listing the reasons why he fell in love with the Spanish striker, Campello said, “To live every good thing for me and with me, to be happy with my happiness, to always be with me, to always see me as his priority, to fall in love with Alvaro. enough things said.


Stating that Morata is a wonderful father, Alice Campello said, “She is always interested in her children in daily life. She really loves to spend time with them, teach them something and play with them. She is an ideal father, the person I dream of for my children. I am really lucky.” .


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