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All The Simpsons Prophecies And More

The American vivified arrangement Simpsons goes back to exceptionally old years is as yet continuous. In any case, the arrangement is on the motivation with its predictions instead of the quantity of scenes. At long last, when the helicopter crash of the unbelievable ball star Kobe Bryant showed up in Simpsons, the arrangement came up once more. Here are the Simpsons predictions that occurred and are required to occur from the Corona infection that shook the world to mind blowing occasions…
The Simpsons, created by Matt Groening, is one of the longest running series in world television history. The series, which aired its first episode on December 17, 1989, is still ongoing and the number of episodes has exceeded 600.
Since the series was released, it changed the course of television animations and inspired many productions. One of the areas where the Simpsons series is most famous is that it somehow predicts future events.

Simpsons Prophecies And More

TRUMP President Election

There are some misunderstandings and manipulated things about The Simpsons episodes coming true, but it is a fact that years ago, Trump’s presidency is mentioned in an episode of Simpsons.
“We thought what comic celebrity might have been in 2000,” said Al Jean, about how they wrote the episode about Trump.


The world was shaken by the sudden death of legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant. After Kobe died in a helicopter crash with his daughter, a scene of the Simpsons quickly spread.

In a published episode of The Simpsons, Kobe Bryant crashes with a helicopter. Although Kobe Bryant does not die in the series, these images are more than enough to leave a question mark in mind.

Simpsons Corona Virus

When the calendar leaves show 1993, a package comes from China to Springfield, the city where the events took place in The Simpson, in a The Simpsons episode. Of course, this package infects Chinese cargo officers with a virus.
The box was sent on behalf of Homer Simpson. So Homer Simpson opens the box and what happens next. The virus from China has already affected Homer Simpson. Of course, not a single box comes from China. Many characters in the series come from the infected box from China. And it suddenly affects the city.


In an episode of the cartoon published in 1997, Lisa is thought to have written 9 -11 on the cover of the magazine. Also, the creation of 11 twin towers strengthens conspiracy theories about the September 11 attacks.
Some conspiracy theory writers argued that the Simpson family knew that the series would attack the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, during their episode of New York. Al Jean explains the source of this claim as follows: “They take a guide in New York, there is a cover with $ 9 and the Twin Towers; they thought like that because it looks like September 11, but this is just an estimate.”

51 District Raid

After NASA confirmed the ufo images, tens of thousands of people agreed on social media decided to raid the 51st region. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered and raided the 51st region for the 51st region, which has kept its mystery for many years, where everyone has developed a prophecy. The dominant scene, which was the scene of color images, found wide echo on the world agenda.
During the raid, The Simpsons series, which previously appeared many prophecies, came to mind. This dominant subject was taken in a part of the world-famous animated series published in 2017. Even in the episode, it was seen that Homer Simpson multiplied and entered the 51st Zone in a crowded manner.


It was also revealed that the series predicted Lady Gaga’s show in the Super Bowl five years ago. In order for the famous singer’s show to be known before, a statement of chance was made again.

APPLE Forecast

While smartphones have not been invented yet, the touchscreen phone is seen in Lisa’s Ice on The Simpsons, published in 1994. There is an apple in the phone’s logo.

Star Wars New Movies

The phenomenon also knew that new movies from Star Wars would be shot.

Star Wars had previously announced their ideas for the future of new movies.


Lastly, another thing that happened recently in the drama was that Walt Disney bought the 20th Century Fox. The episode “The episode of Walt Disney Co” appears under the 20th Century Fox sign in the episode aired on November 8, 1998.

Expected Simpsons Prophecies

Post Trump Female President

“As you know, President Trump has inherited us a highly loaded budget crack,” says new president Lisa Simpson, and says Trump is president before him. This episode is from Bart to Future, published in 2000. (Bart’s return to the future)
According to this prophecy, after Trump, the president of America will be a woman. Considering that Trump is already the president and competing with a woman candidate, this theory seems likely to come true.
Trump Death Forecast
The famous TV series Simpsons’ claim that US President Trump predicted to die in 2019 was among the interesting shares. However, this prophecy of the Simpsons series has not (yet) been realized.

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