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Amber Heard admired Istanbul

The world famous actress Amber Heard was fascinated by Istanbul! He wore a headscarf and visited mosques

The world-famous actor “Amber Heard” spends his summer vacation visiting many cities. The actor, who came to visit Istanbul, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, shared very special moments on his Instagram account. In particular, to visit Turkey said that there are many beautiful places to travel.

The beautiful actress Amber Heard, who has been spoken to about the events she experienced with her ex-husband Johnny Depp, was almost amazed by Istanbul, where she came for a holiday. Heard, who wore a headscarf and passed mosques, expressed his admiration for the city with the words “I couldn’t be more in love with this magnificent city.”

Amber Heard, who faced his ex-wife in the slander case after his eventful divorce from the world famous actor Johnny Depp, chose Bodrum for the holiday.

Amber Heard Launches as the summer holidays in Turkey

Amber Heard The beautiful actress turned her route to Istanbul after Bodrum. Heard, who visited the historical places of Istanbul, visited the mosques one by one. Heard, who wore a headscarf and took many photos on the mosque tour, shared these poses on his social media account.

The photos he shared with the beautiful actor were admired by his followers. Especially many followers stated that the beauty of the city of Istanbul is true. “I couldn’t have been more in love with this amazing city,” Heard said.

Istanbul shares of the beautiful actress attracted great attention from Turkish followers. Amber decided to continue the tour turkey. It is a matter of curiosity to which regions the famous actor will go now.

The relationship of the couple, who met and married on the set of The Rum Diary in 2012, turned into a nightmare.
After the lawsuits they have filed against each other, the legal struggle of the couple with bloody knives still continues.

Stating that Depp accused him of having forbidden love with famous actors who were his co-stars, Heard claimed that his ex-wife was constantly trying to catch him.Heard also claimed that Depp was nicknamed Leonardo DiCaprio and Channing Tatum, whom he accused of cheating. .


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