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An investigation into the liking of model Natalia Garibotto from the Pope’s account

An investigation was launched after one of the posts of Brazilian model Natalia Garibotto from Pope Francis’s Instagram account named “Franciscus” was liked. After one of Natalia Garibotto‘s posts was liked, allegations about the pope continue to emerge. She shared with his followers on his social media account that especially the hot mannequin liked the pope himself.

Relationship between Natalia Garibotto and the Pope

A photo of Brazilian model Natalia Garibotto was liked on the Instagram account of Pope Francesco, leader of the Catholic Church. After a short while, the like was revoked. It was later noticed that a photo published by the model Garibotto last month was also liked by the Pope account.

Various allegations about the incident continue to be made on the internet. Especially the Papacy has been dealing with sexuality cases frequently in recent years. The photos that Garibotto shared on his Instagram account managed to attract the attention of many men.

The Catholic news agency CNA wrote that the Pope’s admiration was withdrawn on November 14, after they asked the Vatican about the incident. The CNA agency also stated that the Pope’s Instagram account was managed by a team and that the Vatican initiated an investigation into the use of the account after this incident.

The press office of the Vatican stated that they do not think that the liking of the photo in question was an action taken within the Vatican. The press office requested an explanation from Instagram on the issue.

Natalia Garibotto Instagram

Natalia Garibotto often shares her hot photos on her Instagram account. The model, which is an active user in social media, is now playing live broadcasts with her low-cut outfits.


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