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Anonymous declares war, Minneapolis municipality and police websites collapse

Supporting George Floyd protests, Anonymous declared a ‘war’ to the Minneapolis Police Service. Soon after the group’s announcement, the websites of the city’s police and municipality collapsed.

Anonymous declared war

Demonstrations that began to protest the drowning and killing of George Floyd by racist police Derek Chauvin on Monday in Minneapolis, the US, turned into a nationwide riot. Demonstrations are growing in many cities, despite the deployment of the National Guard and the curfew.

Anonymous, the international hacktivist group, Anonymous, which generally organizes cyber attacks on governments and companies to protest political events, made statements that supported the George Floyd protests and declared ‘war’ to the Minneapolis Police Service (MPD).

The collapse of the websites of the city municipality, which soon announced MPD and curfew, was interpreted as the action of Anonymous on social media.

Previously, on May 28, a video on Anonymous related page on Facebook was released in which a person wearing the trademark’s trademark Guy Fawkes mask spoke with a modified voice.

“Officers who kill people and commit other crimes should be accounted like everyone else. Otherwise, they believe that they have the authority to do whatever they want. Explaining the corruption and violence of an organization that promises to keep them safe, it is a matter of the public, ”said the narrator.

“After the events of recent years, many people started to learn that you are here to protect us, not to save us, to crush us and to practice the will of the criminal ruling classes. You are here to ensure order for those who have control, not the safety of those who are controlled. In fact, you are the mechanism that the elites use to maintain the global pressure system. ”

USA “We will expose the crimes you committed to the world”

In the statement, demanding that four police officers in the incident be tried and Chauvin accused of murder, Anonymous said, “Unfortunately, we do not believe that you will fulfill the justice of your corrupt agency, so we will disclose the world to many crimes. “Only visible part of the iceberg, which is a long list of serious cases where the police officers in your state killed the wrong actions of the police,” said George Floyd’s monstrous murder.

The video, which has been shown to the public as Jamar Clarke, Philando Castile, Justine Diamond, Thurman Blevins, Brian Quinones, suggesting that the Minneapolis police force was responsible for the death of 193 citizens in the last 20 years, ends with the group’s slogan “Wait for us”. (Source: Sputnik)


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