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Another Unexpected Trend: Masked Bikinis Are Coming This Summer For Those Who Want To Relax On The Beaches

In the past, no one would believe that such a thing would be fashionable.

1. In recent years, the swimsuit and bikini world has seen many innovations while saying swimsuit and yokini.

2. Social media phenomena that made a bikini from the mask during the quarantine had a great reaction.

3. The normalization process has begun all over the world and a new trend has emerged when the summer season is at the door; masked bikinis.

4. In these new bikinis called Trikini, there is a mask in the form of a team.

5. In the world where the normalization process begins, this summer is expected to be the most popular trend on the beaches.

6. The idea of ​​this design probably came from those who made a face mask from a bikini in the early quarantine.

7. Currently, several different brands aim to be the leading name of trikini fashion by working continuously.

8. After that, it became clear that we will see masks in fashion more often like this. Well, do you think everything will normalize this summer, and will people be able to swim even with trikin?




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