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Anti-racism protest in Brazil

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – JUNE 7: Demonstrators protest against the death of black people in the Brazilian slum during the racism and Black Lives Problem protest in Rio de Janeiro on 7 June 2020.

Brazilian anti-racist protests full support

The 5-year-old boy of the black house worker, who worked in the home of a white woman in Brazil, fell from the 9th floor and died. Demonstrators who went out on the streets after the incident said, “Miguel’s life represents the reality that black children live.”

While anti-racist demonstrations that started all over the world started in the USA, the loss of a black child in Brazil sparked protests in the country.

According to the news in the Straits Times, 5-year-old Miguel da Silvai died from the 9th floor in a house where his mother worked as a cleaning worker. According to the details in the news, the white woman that Miguel da Silvai worked with his mother asked him to take his dog. While the mother of Miguel da Silvai was out during the incident in the city of Recife, the host woman left the 5-year-old child alone for a while. Then the little boy who climbed the window fell from 9 floors and died.

'The life of black people is important'

After the incident took place in the local press, the protesters who went out on the streets with the banner of ‘The life of black is important’, ‘The life of Miguel represents the reality of black children whose mother is a domestic worker’.

In Brazil, blacks make up 56 percent of the country, while their average income is half the whites in the country. Activists said there is a deep-rooted discrimination against blacks in Brazil.

Brazilian Coronavirus Danger

In one day, 904 more losses occurred in Brazil and 341 in Mexico. In Brazil, where more than 27 thousand tests were positive in 24 hours, the number of those caught with corona virus exceeded 672 thousand.

In the new perception epicenter of Brazil, the largest country in South America, the corona virus is spreading rapidly.

In the last 24 hours, 27 thousand 75 tests gave more positive results, the cases in the country reached 672 thousand 846.

In the same period, 904 patients died in the Latin American country and the number of Covid-19 victims was 35 thousand 930.

Brazil is the second country with the highest number of incidents after the USA. In the number of dead, the third after the USA and England.

In Mexico, another Latin American country, deaths increased by 341 in the last 24 hours to 13,511.

The number of positive tests increased 3 thousand 593, reaching 113 thousand 619.

In Mexico, 1092 deaths per day were recorded throughout the week.

The danger of coronavirus during anti-racist actions

America and Brazil live with the danger of coronavirus. Especially during anti-racist actions, the virus quickly became exposed to more and more people. There are no security measures, especially in protests.


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