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Apocalypse broke in the USA! Descriptions come one after another!

A 2-day curfew was declared in the US capital, Washington DC, due to the intensification of protests due to the murder of black American George Floyd with police violence. See who held the US President Trump responsible for what happened. Minnesota governor Tim Walz announced that the funeral of George Floyd will be held on Thursday. Trump has also announced that he will deploy the army.

USA Confused!

After the intensification of protests that began after the black American George Floyd died of police violence, a curfew was declared on Monday and Tuesday between 21.00-06.00 in the US capital, Washington DC.

Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser held a press conference on the city’s last two days of protests and violent incidents.

Reminding that many workplaces were looted and some places were set on fire, especially in the protests last night, Bowser said, “In accordance with the first article of the Constitution, protesters have the right to organize demonstrations, but they should not destroy our city while doing so.” used the expression.

“We are announcing a two-day curfew in Washington DC to be effective tonight,” Bowser said, pointing out that the security forces are trying to ensure public order throughout the city. said.

The scope and details of the curfew were determined by the decree published.

Accordingly, those who work in certain areas and members of the press will not be affected by the ban, which will be valid between 21.00-06.00.

Meanwhile, for the presidential elections on November 3, there will be a preliminary election tomorrow in Washington DC.

In the decree, it was noted that the curfew will not affect the pre-elections, and the ballot boxes will be opened at 08.00 in the morning.


George Floyd, 46, was imprisoned in Minneapolis on Monday for suspicion of fraud, and begged “I can’t breathe” for a long time because a police stepped on his neck with a knee.

It was announced that Floyd was killed by the emergency medical teams coming to the scene, and that the passers-by footage recorded by mobile phones gathered great reactions on social media.

The images re-fueled the police violence discussions against blacks in the country and led to protests in many cities, especially in Minneapolis.

National Guard was assigned to take control of the events while the state was declared an emergency.


US President Donald Trump reportedly accused the governors of “acting weakly” in violent acts in protests after black George George Floyd died of police violence in the country.

Trump held a teleconference meeting with state governors regarding the Floyd demonstrations and violent incidents that have been taking place since Tuesday.

According to reports by the American press based on the audio recordings of the interview, Trump accused the governors of “acting weakly,” “You must be the dominant side in the events, if not, you are wasting your time.” used the expression.

Underlining that the governors have to take much harder steps on the issue of demonstrators, Trump said, “These are a move, if you don’t stop what’s happening now, it will go even worse.” found the assessment.

“You must arrest people, follow their actions, put them in jail for 10 years. If you do so, you will never experience this kind of situation again,” Trump said. gave expressions.


In the garden of the White House, Trump made statements regarding protests that started against black George George Floyd’s death as a result of police violence and turned into violent acts.

Emphasizing that his duty as the president of the USA at the beginning of his speech was to protect the country and his people, Trump said, “I have taken an oath to protect the laws of our country. I will keep this promise for the American people, who are rightly annoyed by the brutal murder of George Floyd. He never died for a sake. “

On the other hand, drawing attention to the violence in the streets, Trump said, “We will not let the right shouts and peaceful demonstrations be suppressed by angry crowds.”

Accusing some state governments and local administrators of “not taking the necessary precautions” against those involved in violent acts, Trump said that people’s workplaces were plundered, healthcare workers struggling with the new type of coronavirus could not escape their homes from fear, and important structures and churches in Washington DC were damaged.


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