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The blood-chilling prophecies of Nostradamus 2020,2021 – Trump and America

Nostradamus, one of the most famous prophets in the world after Baba Vanga, had 2020 prophecies. The world’s most interesting is most noticeable among the prophecies of Nostradamus in 2020, one of the priests prophecies about the recent earthquake in Turkey’s agenda was. So what are the prophecies of Nostradamus?

So what are the prophecies of Nostradamus?

With the French doctor, pharmacist and astrologer Nostradamus, who lived in the 1500s, he is described as ‘the greatest Oracle of all time’ in many places.

Most of Nostradamus’ predictions for 2019, which examined celestial bodies and made prophecies based on his interest in astrology in the 1500s he lived, both proved to be true and surprised everyone.

According to the Spanish press, Nostradamus’s prophecies for 2020, who lived hundreds of years ago and frightened everyone with their predictions. According to Nostradamus, even if it is not known where it will be, there will be strong earthquakes in America throughout 2020. When the places with the most seismic movement on the continent are examined, it is expected especially in the USA, Mexico and Chile.

Great economic power will fall and will not rise for a long time, the world will enter a recession.

One of Nostradamus’s 2020 predictions is about royal. Although he does not name the country, an important king / queen will leave the throne according to his prophecy.

Recently in the local press, Queen II. There was speculation as to whether it would be good for Elizabeth to give up the throne and leave it to a new generation, just like in Spain. Therefore, Queen of England II, one of the longest rulers of the world. It is estimated to be Elizabeth.

New World And Prophecies

An earthquake measuring 7.4 magnitude 7 or will occur in Türkiye.

In the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth will die and a king will sit on the throne instead.

It will be a very difficult year for Putin and Donald Trump. An assassination attempt will be made to Putin. Thanks to the security team, he will survive. Donald Trump will get a mysterious disease. Victims of a traffic accident with his family

According to Nostradamus, there will be a violent clash between the two powers in 2020. This is thought to be about the tense relationship the US has with China.

A huge asteroid will land in Russia in 2020.

In Russia, an assassination attempt against President Vladimir Putin could be made in 2020. In his prophecies, Nostradamus claimed that the threat could come from within the country.

He died on July 2, 1566. Nostradamus, who is said to correctly predict the rise of Hitler and many important developments such as the September 11 attacks, is followed with curiosity for the future.

Nostradamus Key Words

“Unlike all mortals, here lies the famous Michel Nostradamus, who was worthy to record the events with his pen, who saw the future with the influence of the stars. He lived for sixty-two years, six months, seven days. He died in 1566. The future generations do not disturb his rest. Anne Posart Gamelle wishes her true happiness.  ” 

Yes, these words are written on the 2.5 m long marble wall covering the coffin of the famous oracle Nostradamus. He placed his coffin upright in the Cordeliers wall of the Salon church. So no one would step on his grave.

Nostradamus died on 2 July 1566 in the Franciscan Monastery. On his last night before he died, he said the following words, “This is my last night, leave me alone, because I will be dead in the morning.”

Nostradamus predicted Trump's election 400 years ago

Donald Trump’s becoming the new president of the United States shook the whole world. A lot of claims have been made about him and many conspiracy theories have been developed. For example; It was said that making funny and funny posts about him on social media was effective in the presidential elections. Another example is; The Simpsons show that he will be president 15 years ago. The allegations on this issue are still being debated. But none of these are as powerful and effective as Nostradamus’ claims.

Nostradamus (Michel de Notre Dame), the world’s best-known prophet and one of the most prominent representatives of the Catholic faith, said Donald Trump would be president 400 years ago. Nostradamus, who had prophecies about Trump in his book ‘Prophecies’, had previously written about Adolf Hitler in his book ‘Prophecies’.


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