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Arsenal’s 27-year-old mascot Gunnersaurus is in Sevilla

Arsenal puts an end to 27-year-old mascot Gunnersaurus!

Arsenal fired its employee, who had given life to its mascot Gunnersaurus for 27 years, because it had to cut the budget. The sad news caused a great reaction from the fans.

England Premier League giant Arsenal fired its employee, who has been giving life to his mascot Gunnersaurus for 27 years, in order to cut the budget. Over the years, the dismissal of the mascot, who had an incredible interaction with the little fans, has attracted a lot of reaction in the UK.

Jerry Quy, who has created a beloved symbol with his Gunnersaurus costume since 1993, has been dismissed due to cost reduction planning.

Having to say goodbye to Emirates, where the spectators were not taken due to the Corona virus outbreak, Gunnersaurus was more than a mascot for the club.
Gunnersaurus, who became an icon in the English club, continued his duty as a loyal employee for years and became at least as popular as footballers.

27-year-old mascot Gunnersaurus transferred to Sevilla, after Arsenal's dismissal

  • The new team of the 27-year-old mascot Gunnersaurus has been announced. Spanish giant Sevilla signed a surprise move and transferred Gunnersaurus.
  • Arsenal, one of England’s giant clubs, had previously fired 55 club personnel due to budget cuts, and finally Gunnersaurus, the club’s mascot for 27 years, was sent from the club.
  • Following this development, Spanish giant Sevilla made a remarkable move.
  • He announced that he has transferred Gunnersaurus, the last champion of the UEFA Europa League.
  • Gunnersaurus, which became an icon in the club, was dismissed by the fans because the matches were played without spectators, and the fee paid to the mascot was unnecessary.

Arsenal, who paid 350,000 pounds to Mesut Ozil, who did not play, transferred Thomas Partey from Atletico Madrid to 50 million euros on the evening of the day he fired Gunnersaurus, who was part-time worker at the club. Reached billion euros of wealth.


Arsenal Club, which fired 55 employees in August, did not include part-time employee Jerry Quy on that list. However, Gunnersaurus was seen as an unnecessary cost as the audience still could not return to the stadiums.

The matchday revenue from Emirates Stadium was a huge item in Arsenal’s financial statement. In addition, the shelving of concerts and non-football events due to the epidemic caused great damage to Topçular.


Arsenal, the first team in the Premier League to implement a salary cut, first cut footballer payments by 12.5%. Arsenal, which qualified for the Europa League by winning the FA cup, later dropped this figure to 7.5%.

However, a total of 36 million Euros has been spent so far in the summer transfer season. Arsenal, who signed 5 transfers this season, paid 26 million Euros for the stopper Gabriel, which he transferred from Lille, 8 million Euros to Pablo Mari, the other stopper from Flamengo, and 2 million Euros to the goalkeeper Rúnar Alex Rúnarsson from Dijon.

Southampton’s right-back Cédric Soares and Chelsea’s Willian were included in the squad free of charge. On the other hand, Arsenal, who sold only goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez to Aston Villa, earned 17.4 million Euros and wrote down 18.3 million Euros.


Arsenal ranked 9th in UEFA’s list of clubs with the highest annual salary budget for the financial calendar year 2018 with 271 million Euros.

As of now, the club’s top earning player is known as Mesut Ozil. Özil, who earned 350,000 pounds a week, was offered a discount, but the star player refused this request. Özil, who does not want a salary reduction, is still not recruited in the new season. A few weeks ago, Mesut Ozil, the other star of the team, signed a 3-year contract to receive 250,000 pounds a week.


Arsenal fans reacted strongly to the dismissal of the mascot Gunnersaurus due to the cost restriction on social media. It is said that the employee Jerry Quy, who gave life to Gunnersaurus, whose annual cost is stated to be 30 thousand pounds, has not even gone to his brother’s wedding to avoid missing a match. The departure of Gunnersaurus, who has turned into a very popular character with his sacrifices for the club and has worked with symbol names Thiery Henry and Arsene Wenger for years, was met with great sadness.

The London representative announced that Quy will resume his duty after the audience returns to the stadiums.


The fan named Peter Lovell, who won the mascot contest opened by Arsenal in 1993 with his painting of the dinosaur, is known as the creator of Gunnersaurus. Little Peter, who is thought to be inspired by the movie Jurassic Park, which was released in 1993, thus brings to life a mascot that will become a symbol over the years.

If this news is true, shame indeed! You are paying a world of money to Mesut Özil, who has been lying for years. Is your strength enough for 27 years of veteran workers! I would be ashamed if I was an Arsenal player who made millions! And I would prevent this from happening.


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