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Atomic Bomb Effect in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon

Big Bang in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon

Last minute: A big explosion occurred in the port area of ​​Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. The explosion caused damage similar to the Atom bomb effect. According to the statement of the Ministry of Health; 70 people died and 3,700 people were injured in the explosion in Beirut Port.

A big explosion occurred near the Beirut Port in Lebanon. According to the report of the official agency of Lebanon, NNA, a fire broke out in the 12th warehouse with explosives in Beirut Port. A strong explosion occurred due to fire. The sound of the explosion was also heard from the suburbs of the capital.

Health Minister Hamad Hasan stated that according to the first determinations, 70 people died and 3,700 people were injured in the explosion in Beirut. In the local media, it was claimed that the number of casualties was much higher than the official figures announced. After the incident, mourning was declared throughout the country.

Shock Waves Like Atomic Bomb

Firefighters arrived at the scene in a short time to respond to the fire. Helicopters were also seen to take off to interfere with the fire. The incident occurred in a warehouse where explosives were seized before, the Lebanese Police Chief said.

The explosion almost destroyed a large port. Shock waves, especially the Atom bomb, damaged thousands of people. Terrorist organizations undertook the massacre.


With the explosion, the cause of which has not yet been determined, damage to the surrounding buildings has also occurred. According to the first determinations, many people were injured in the explosion that took place near the house of the former Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri.

While Hariri’s house and surrounding buildings were causing great damage, it was stated that the former prime minister was in good health and was following the incident.

70 people lost their lives

It was stated that a 3-storey building was destroyed due to the explosion and there were still people under the rubble. According to preliminary findings, 70 people died and 3,700 people were injured in the explosion. Mourning was declared nationwide after the incident.


On the other hand, Beirut Governor Mervan Abbud made investigations at the scene. In his statement, Abbud stated that Beirut became a disaster area and the damage was high.

Abbud likened the explosion at the port to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

“Responsible for the disaster in Lebanon today will be asked,” said Lebanese Prime Minister Hasan Diab.


Meanwhile, Secretary General of the Christian Ketaib Party, Nizar Necaryan, died in the explosion. Lebanese Health Minister Hamad Hasan, who was connected to the LBC television channel, said the explosion caused ‘numerous injuries’ and great damage.


Georges Kettaneh, one of the officials of the Red Cross Organization, said that hundreds of people were injured due to the explosion. Expressing that there were dead people in the explosion, Kettaneh did not give any details about the number. Transferring from hospital sources, the RT reporter reported that there were more than 700 injuries as a result of the explosion. On the other hand, the Lebanese Red Cross Organization shared the information that all ambulances in its own body and in different parts of the country were sent in Beirut.


Sources close to Hezbollah reported to the country’s local media that allegations that the explosion in Beirut occurred in their own weapons warehouses and that the attack was carried out by Israel did not reflect the truth.


Israeli officials, who did not want their names to be disclosed, said in a statement to the local press that Tel Aviv had nothing to do with the explosion in Beirut.

These officials denied Israel’s connection to the incident, saying the explosion could have been an accident.

The Lebanese media released footage of people who were buried after the explosion.


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