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Bella Thorne true identity in the masked singer?

The Masked Singer Swan did show to check herself: 'Can I even f—ing do this?'

Warning: this text contains spoilers about The Masked Singer season 3, episode 8.

Was that a last hurrah or what? On Wednesday, Bella Thorne — a.k.a. The Swan — flew the coop on The Masked Singer. Here, the previous Disney star talks about how easy it had been to kick up her heels as a bedazzled bird, and what she has planned next for Fox Broadcasting.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You moved pretty much therein costume. Was it light and airy?

BELLA THORNE: i feel out of all the costumes, mine was probably the simplest . I got really lucky therein sense because my costume did not have wings. The costume was amazing, I mean, literally amazing, Mine was such a lot easier apart from like, you know, once I had my head on. i could not walk anywhere or do anything because my head was so big. Like, I’m really tall therein costume.

How well could you see?

I couldn’t see considerably . it had been kinda interesting because actually I put my mic where my eyes were. It sounded better during rehearsal. My vocals. you’ll hear them.

Fever was such an excellent song because it totally threw them off.

My vocal coach really likes that song. We wanted to throw them off. I am also, like, really big into older music. I listened to my mom’s iPod growing up. Fans don’t love me for this type of music. it isn’t something that’s shoved in your face a day .

Are you worried that she will know you?

I’m very on the brink of Nicole Scherzinger too and that i thought that they might both recognize me. i used to be laughing at the guesses, that’s needless to say .

You’ve been an entertainer since you were so young. does one desire at now , at the tender age of twenty-two , you’ve done everything in Hollywood except something like this?

I’ve never done anything on the brink of this. i prefer doing things that I’ve never done. i prefer getting over my scariness, you know? it had been quite like testing myself as an individual .

You’ve recorded plenty of music. Did you are feeling such as you needed to disguise your voice?

We definitely considered disguising my voice, for sure. on the other hand it had been like, what can we do? The people definitely know it’s me. Yeah. The older music definitely helped. And me doing sort of a Broadway quite sounds helped, I think.

When the show approached you, were you immediately sold or did it take you a short time to mention yes?

I was definitely sold. i used to be doing a fighting movie at that point and that i was like, do I even have time to be I fight training and to try to to this singing? Ay yi yi. to find out sort of a bunch of dances and songs and stuff and in like at some point . i used to be adore , oh s—, am i able to even f—ing do this? Then, you know, you’ll roll in the hay . you actually can roll in the hay . But, i feel the foremost difficult part was definitely having to be training such a lot , shooting in Puerto Rico. And just trying to try to to both of them was really stressful. i actually want to be good at singing, but i actually want to be great at fight training. I wanted to try to to both!

What’s happening together with your life immediately due to social distancing. Did everything you’re get canceled. What’s happening for you?

I just directed a music video, that we actually haven’t announced yet. For Trippie Redd and Blackbear and Cheat Codes. it is a horror music video with many blood gags and stuff. It’s my first time directing that sort of stuff.

And now you’ve got a affect Fox to develop scripted and unscripted series. what is the dream scenario for you?

I really want to bring them an excellent competitor for Riverdale or something teen-driven and psychological, with dark backgrounds but on the Gossip Girl side. i have been really reading tons of books to shop for . and that i love writing. That’s an enormous thing. It’s with great care crazy, you know? I’ve always really wanted to try to to this and to be ready to tell my 8-year-old self that, yeah, at 22, you signed a development affect Fox! I’m so happy and i am so excited to form new projects and to bring onto the air a very young voice. that is the biggest problem. we’ve numerous older writers and whatnot. It’s really rare that we get that feeling of a very young voice.


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