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Big blame on famous TV personality Ellen DeGeneres

Famous TV personality Ellen DeGeneres accused by former employees: Her house was full of traps

The former employee of Ellen DeGeneres, who co-created one of the US watch-breaking chat shows, made jaw-dropping confessions about the famous television actor. “Her house was like a military camp, full of traps,” said her former maid of the famous presenter. The world-renowned entertainer Ellen DeGeneres, who has been talked about with the difficulties she has brought to her employees recently, came to the fore with the confession of a former employee.

An unnamed former employee of Ellen DeGeneres, 62, spoke to the British press. The former employee, who once worked at DeGeneres’ California estate, described his life at that home as “like a military training camp.”

The famous host is accused by his former colleagues. The words about the incident caused scandal. Former employees, who stated that they were talking about a scandalous incident, disclosed the facts about the famous host.

“He was the worst person I have ever known in my life. He would enjoy firing people. He would treat you like you were nothing,” said the former employee of DeGeneres’ mansion.

The former employee claimed that DeGeneres also tried an interesting method of checking whether the cleaners on duty at his home were working well: “Before going to work, he would set traps. He would drop matchsticks at random spots. So he would check if the housekeeper was really doing his job well,” he said.

Ellen DeGeneres The Target of Scandalous Words

The allegations about the incident devices in the home of the famous presenter continue to come back and forth. Scandalous allegations made headlines in the news.

One of the employees of Ellen DeGeneres allegedly even found eight matchsticks in strange places inside the house. For the rest of the day, DeGeneres kept searching for matchsticks all over the house, lest he fire someone.

The former employee who made these allegations about Ellen DeGeneres also said that she was fired from her job a few months ago. It was also rare to find an employee who could stay for more than a few months in the mansion where DeGeneres lived with his wife, Portia DiRossi, according to the same former employee’s claim.

“Someone’s real personality was revealed at home,” said the former employee, who stated that the famous television player displayed a very different personality from the one in front of the screen at home. “He would torture you. You just sat there and listened to him. Because you were paid,” he said, taking his claims about the former employee DeGeneres a little further.


Ellen DeGeneres was recently accused of racist assault, sexual assault and humiliation by the behind-the-scenes team on TV. Some of his employees even claimed that when they took leave for sickness or funeral, they were fired the next day. DeGeneres apologized for these allegations.

Following these allegations of the behind-the-scenes team, the news that Ellen DeGeneres was planning to finish its 17-year program appeared in the press last month.

Is Ellen DeGeneres not what she seems?

Ellen DeGeneres is a prominent comedian and host who is admired not only in the United States but all over the world. Recently, however, strange and annoying claims have been made about him one after the other. Or is Ellen DeGeneres not what she seems?

Managed to touch our lives

Ellen DeGeneres’ screen journey was a lesson to many. After a long period of troubles, Ellen managed to impose her name, surname, sexual identity / orientation and humor over time. Over the years, he has become one of the most unique names on the screen, he has surely succeeded in impressing everyone after him and touching our lives.

"Her house was like a military camp ..."

Come see, interesting claims have been made about Ellen for the last 1-2 months. After DeGeneres claimed that he was mobbing employees on the show program, now a former employee made a statement. He said, “His house was like a military camp, full of traps. His real personality was revealed in the house. He would torture you. You would just sit and listen to him because you were paid …”

Let it come from Mavi Sakal, 'Two Ways' ...

From the words of her former employee, it is possible to say that Ellen has a serious anger problem. Likewise, the show program was likened to a ‘toxic working environment’ … The facts have a feature of coming out sooner or later. There are two options when we have this life formula in mind. So let it come from Bluebeard, there are ‘Two Ways’ … Either Ellen will disappear for a while so that the brand value will not be damaged further, as if to confirm the claims, which allegedly wanted to finish the show program she has been continuing since 2003 or “My silence is from my dignity. and will remain silent. I think Ellen is waiting for a possible third move. Ellen may not be as likeable and funny as she seems, and that doesn’t bind us. But of course it is a fact that we do not associate him with a despotic character and that we are astonished by the claims made …


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