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Big Claim About Argentine Star Footballer Lionel Messi

Amazing request for Messi in Barcelona!

Argentine star Lionel Messi took its place at the top of the agenda in Barcelona, ​​which was mixed after the Bayern Munich defeat. Set a price for Messi, whose contract ends in 2021. If the transfer happens, Messi will beat Neymar’s testimonial record.

Lionel Messi’s not wanting to continue with his current club management at Barça and his demand to leave without waiting until 2021, when his contract expires, added to the uncertainty.Messi is keen to leave the team.

In Spain, everyone’s eyes were turned to Lionel Messi. It was reported in the country press that Messi’s request for separation was met with surprise by the Barcelona Administration.

Thoughtful About Current President Bartomeu Messi

Journalist Marcelo Bechler first announced Lionel Messi’s request to leave Barcelona. Journalist Bechler had previously served Neymar’s transfer to PSG in 2017 for the first time in the world press. The same name shared all details of Messi’s separation this time.

It was noted that the current president Bartomeu made a proposal to Messi to think a little more.

Catalans, who do not want to leave the testimonial fee, which is expected to reach 450 million euros, will allow Messi to leave only in return for sales.
The departure of the Argentine star football player from the team for a large fee came to the agenda. Especially in this process, Barcelona makes a big player distinction within the team.

The Argentine star, who has a contract for another year, made a request from the club by saying “Leave me for free”.


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