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Bittersweet mother’s day for healthcare professionals fighting the Corona virus

Bittersweet mothers day of healthcare workers struggling with corona virus

Health workers in Bursa celebrate Mother’s Day from afar

BURSA – thousands of health workers mothers in Turkey, the virus to new types of chorus (Covidien-19) this year due to the tasks they carry out devotedly against the epidemic Mothers can not be next to what children what to mothers Day. Health workers in Bursa celebrated Mother’s Day online remotely.

Selma Başak Alanbay and Tanel Dalfidan, who work in Bursa Provincial Directorate of Health Çekirge State Hospital, who stayed in a hotel that opened their doors to support the healthcare workers who want to protect their families from corona virus, are among those who experience the sadness of having a Mother’s Day apart from their children. Nurses who are yearning by talking to their children frequently, dream of ending the epidemic as soon as possible and reaching their children.

Selma Başak Alanbay, who has been working as a Supervisor Nurse after 13 years of intensive care nursing at Çekirge State Hospital, said, “I had to send the children to Aydın in this process because I went to the hospital everywhere during the seizures. I have a very high risk of grabbing my children and I could not risk my children in this regard. ”

“I miss my kids”

Stating that he will be separated from his two children, one for five and one for 8, for the first time on a Mother’s Day, Alanbay said, “I miss them very much. We already talk with video every day, but touch them, smell them, hug them is a different thing. “We are more emotional because we are getting tired and tired during this process. I am separated from my mother for the first time. I congratulate the mothers’ day, especially from my own mother, from all the mothers who are separated from their loved ones who work in the health community.”

“We are Separated from Our Loved Ones”

Tanel Dalfidan, a 29-year-old nurse, expressed her feelings for the mother’s day, which will be bitter. Dalfidan, who has been an intensive care nurse for 15 years and stated that she is staying in a separate hotel with her triple children at the age of 19 and her 72-year-old mother, in order to reduce the risk of transmission, said, “We are separated from our relatives and loved ones.

Stating that he raised his children alone, Dalfidan said, “It is the first time that I am separated from my mother and children. The patience and understanding we really show as a country also helps us achieve this. If we can continue in this way, I am sure we will succeed. Let’s continue with social isolation. .

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