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Blame Marvel for the 3rd Movie From Deadpool Producer

One of the most popular names in the movie industry recently, Marvel has undersigned some of the most popular movies in the world in the past few years. One of Marvel’s most popular productions in this context is “Deadpool”, which first met movie lovers in 2016.

Movie lovers, who soon adopted the movie’s main character and named the movie, Deadpool, made the film gain worldwide popularity. When we come to 2018, Marvel brought the second movie of Deadpool to the audience. Deadpool’s second film has attracted as much attention as the first one.

Marvel may be slowing down Deadpool 3 work

In early 2019, Deadpool’s producer, Rob Liefeld, talked about the third movie in a statement about the series. Ryan Reynolds, who brought the Deadpool legend to life and achieved full marks from moviegoers, said in December; He once again expressed that Marvel Studios is working on the third film of the series. Now, new statements have been received from Rob Liefeld.

According to the statements made by Rob Liefeld, Deadpool 3 is delayed and the only reason for this delay is Marvel. Expressing his discomfort in this regard, Liefeld states that he thinks Marvel is guilty about Deadpool 3, and Marvel is the only reason for delays in Deadpool 3.

Statements by Liefeld do not reveal other details about the delay of Deadpool 3. Moreover, apparently there are some disagreements between Marvel and Liefeld, but Liefeld unfortunately does not give a secret about it.

However, the coronavirus process we are in has brought the works of many productions to a halt. In addition, Marvel is now largely focused on the 4th phase of his cinematic universe. For this reason, the company may be slowing down the work of Deadpool 3. In this case, we can say that Liefeld is more than right in his own window.


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