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Body health goes through oral hygiene!

1 Dentist Vehbi Zafer said that the health of the body goes through oral hygiene, and its importance once again emerged during the virus epidemic. Pointing out that there is not much importance on oral and dental health as a society, Dentist Vehbi Zafer noted that this is one of the main causes of many diseases.
2 Noting that many studies have shown that “healthy mouth means healthy body”, Zafer said, “The bacteria that cause many chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure, joint diseases are from the same family as the bacterial flora living in the mouth. For this reason, ensuring that regular oral hygiene prevents many diseases from occurring at an early age, even if it occurs, it causes it to be milder in advanced ages. ”
Emphasizing that the high percentage of people who are infected with Covid-19 virus and who have died are those who have these chronic diseases, Zafer continued as follows;
4 “Individuals with good oral hygiene and body health gained immunity without understanding or with a few minor complaints and returned to their normal lives. Now we need to be more sensitive in oral hygiene. Most of us must have understood that this is how the toothpaste and brushes are exhausted in the markets. When this process is over, we must be ready for an intensive working period. Different health branches will start to look from this perspective with new developments. ”

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