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Bombshell Becomes The Most Popular Movie

The movie “Bombshell”, which entered the Vision in 2019, has become one of the most watched movies again. He managed to become one of the most searched movies, especially on the Internet.

Bombshell Details

The biographical film Bombshell, starring Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron and Margot Robbie, focuses on the efforts of many women, especially television workers such as Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly, to expose the abuse and harassment scheme created by media boss Roger Ailes at work.

In the summer of 2016, after the first announcement of the famous television commentator Gretchen Carlson, it was inevitable to shake Roger Ailes’s reputation when many women boldly exposed the events. While Nicole Kidman portrays television commentator Gretchen Carlson, Charlize Theron Fox from Megyn Kelly, who made the transition from NBC to life, Ailes, who is at the center of the events, gives life to John Lithgow.

Bombshell was among the most wanted movies in July. The movie, which was released especially in cinemas in 2019, started to be watched again.

The film is about the sexual abuse accusations against Fox News’s CEO and President Roger Ailes, who died in 2017, and is told from the perspective of female employees. The two Tony awards, John Lithgow, who portrays Ailes, stated that much of the movie is about women: “Actually, the movie is about the reaction of women with six to seven very different characters and experiences to the crisis in Fox. I am also reviving the crisis. ”

Bombshell Extra details

Roger Ailes, who worked as a political advisor in the sixties, helped select the “Republican” party members Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush to the White House. Rupert Murdoch, hiring Ailes in 1996, founded Fox News to plan the talent of directing people’s minds. According to the news of Guradian, Ailes, who earned over $ 24 million by 2009, earned more than Murdoch, who hired him.

In Gabriel Sherman’s book ‘The Loudest Voice in the Room’, accusations against Alies increased in 2014 after Alies wrote his inappropriate attitudes towards female employees. Allegations in the book Alies are said to have promoted female employees in exchange for sexual intercourse. In 2016, Fox News announcer Gretchen Carlson filed a lawsuit against Alies, who denied these accusations, saying that Alies was firing him for not having sexual intercourse.

Carlson said that Alies ‘sabotaged his career’ and stated that he was constantly subjected to sexual harassment. Having said that he has repeatedly complained, Carlson added that as a result, his salary was reduced, he was given less interviews, and he was fired from Fox & Friends. According to Reuters, in the case that resulted in a $ 20 million deal, Fox News owner 21st Century Fox apologized to Carlson via the press: we wish. “

The Ailes scandal, which took place a year before the #MeToo movement that started with the Harvey Weinstein scandal in Hollywood, was rapidly being spoken by everyone. It was claimed that Ailes, who was seen as one of the most powerful and spooky people of the American media at the time of the news, sexually harassed not only Gretchen Carlson but also many employees. After many Fox New employees, who started making their voices heard after Gretchen’s comments, Ailes decided to leave the company. Later, working as a consultant in Donald Trump’s presidential election, Ailes continued to support Murdoch. Gretchen Carlson, who entered the ‘World’s 100 Most Impressive Names’ list of Time Magazine in 2017, became the voice of women exposed to sexual abuse.

Bombshell From Movies To Watch

In the Bombshell movie, which will tell the story of this scandal in the most striking way, Nicole Kidman plays Gretchen Carlson, while Charlize Theron plays the news anchor Megyn Kelly. In addition to Kelly and Carlson, who are part of the real story, Margot Robbie brings to life the character of Kayla Pospisil created for the film. In the movie, which will be released in December 2019, Malcolm McDowell plays Rupert Murdoch, while Connie Janton, Ailes ‘wife, and Susan Estrich, Ailes’ lawyer, are played by Allison Janney. We can already predict the Oscar 2020 candidates! Don’t forget to add this movie to your ‘must watch’ list …

Bombshell Review: A Controversial Approach to Harassment Scandal

Carlson was assigned to the daytime program by rank-off due to his rebellious attitudes towards Ailes. Unusual behaviors such as criticizing the media’s view of women by leaving the program without make-up make it more visible. Carlson, who has suddenly ended his job at Fox, initiates a major revolt movement by filing a sexual harassment case against Ailes. The spark that he sticks up will grow and turn into a scandal that will change the general current balances in the media world.

Roger Ailes: Both Guilty and Victim?

The woman staff to be hired on Fox TV are familiar with the discreet attitudes of Ailes, who do not hide what she evaluates according to her appearance, and spreads “joy” around with her racy jokes. It is especially underlined that the media world is directly related to visuality and that Ailes attaches importance to physical features as a manager. But; what is happening is not limited to this, and it will be revealed by the female employees giving one by one statement.

No to Sex Discrimination: #MeToo

The impact of symbolic movements such as #Metoo and #Heforshe on gender discrimination and women having free and equal rights in the public and private sphere is very important. If you have an expectation that the approaches in cinema, literature, media and arts directly affect the society and contribute to gender equality; Bombshell is a movie far from meeting this expectation. If you just want to have a pleasant time, it is possible to spend more qualified time with their counterparts like The Hours, Thelma and Louise, The Help and Wonder Women.


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