Borussia Dortmund’s new fitness trainer Alica Schmidt is the hottest trainer

German athlete and model Alica Schmidt draws attention in new team

Borussia Dortmund’s new fitness trainer, Alica Schmidt, draws attention with her bold shares. German athlete and model Alica Schmidt has become the new fitness coach for Bundesliga team Borussia Dortmund. Schmidt is also known for his bold posts on his Instagram account.

Alica Schmidt, who was selected as “the world’s most attractive athlete” by “Busted Covarege” in 2018, became the new fitness coach of the Bundesliga team Dortmund. Schmidt, who uses his Instagram account very actively and has close to 1 million followers, draws attention with his bold shares.


The 21-year-old German athlete is also a model. Alicia Schmidt is also a name that has achieved quite important achievements: The young athlete, who competes in the 400 meters category, Schmidt won the silver medal in the 400 meters category at the under 20 European Athletics Championships in 2017 when he was 18 years old. Alica Schmidt, who will also compete in the postponed 2020 Tokyo Olympics, was also aiming for medals in Japan, while he paused his work due to the coronavirus epidemic.

It was a matter of curiosity whether Schmidt, who will now work with Dortmund, will continue his Tokyo dreams. It is one of Germany’s most important female fitness trainers and one of the hottest football workers.

Borussia Dortmund’s new fitness trainer, Alica Schmidt, quickly started working on his new team. Alica shows it as one of the most important jobs of his career in his new team.

Here are some of the shares of Alica Schmidt's Instagram account:

Alica Schmidt draws attention with the hot photos he shared on his Instagram account. After signing a deal with his new team, Alica’s number of followers started to increase rapidly.


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