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I love women who have a project who tell their projects with their eyes shining brightly… Doris Hofer is one of them. Thousands of women around the world started to love sports thanks to Squatgirl Doris Hofer. Attracts Attention With Important Yoga Recommendations.

Brand Woman of Squat Doris Hofer

He shares new videos every week on his YouTube channel. In his first book to date, he asked, “You are your dream.” The You in will be published in Europe this month. She completed her coaching training in 2019 and gives special sessions.

He’s not finished. And the thing that excites me the most is that he is preparing for a Squatgirl signature product. I eat chocolate every day and I know very well that I will continue to eat chocolate every day. Dear Doris Hofer, if you will have a healthy chocolate / sweet snack brand as you promised, I am.

What does this definition mean to you being a “Brand Woman”?
Being a brand woman means keeping a promise. You give hope to the society with your brand, you carry your passion and vision to the world with a service or product. For this reason, if you want to create a brand, you must work hard and act with a good vision. Many people should be inspired by you. Trust in the brand starts here. Those who are inspired by you together with your brand also trust you… Being worthy of this trust means being a brand.

Natural, delicate, energetic … We express you with these words. What are your words that you describe yourself? What would you say to our readers if you would say these are the words that tell me most accurately?
I can describe myself with honest, sincere and fun words. My followers define me that way. The Squatgirl method is a real, sustainable lifestyle.

This means, “What Doris tells us in her books or on social media really lives her.” There is not much naturalness and honesty in social media, so these honest and sincere words are important to me. As for the word entertainment, I see: Many people do not like sports very much. I am sure they would have preferred it if they were fit with a pill, but those who watch my videos find my followers friendly and fun. Maybe that’s why they apply the video they watched. Then they see the result and they are very happy, they continue, they start to like sports, they even start to wonder about nutrition.

Thousands of women lost 20-40 pounds, I had many followers who took baklava out of their lives. I think sports should be a fun activity.

How Career Matters?

How did your career journey start? How did the Squatgirl brand come about?
It started with a blog. I had a flat stomach 2 weeks after my second birth, and my friends would ask me, “How do you feed, what exercises do you do?” When so many people asked, I decided to write and publish a blog. Then I dreamed of a fitness family and released a Squatgirl app. We became a huge family, there were real friendships. A few years later, I had to close it because the apps are very expensive and I don’t have a team, but I share new videos every week on my YouTube channel and I have had 2 books so far. “Your Dream is your first book” and we learn healthy habits in 20 steps there. Generally, readers get smaller in a month. In my second book, I worked on increasing energy.

Its name is “You in It”. It is a personal development book and also my life story. “You saved my marriage”, “I became vegetarian”, “I lost 20 pounds!” I received many comments such as these feedbacks make me very happy.

A ‘Brand Women’ as your brand, what would you say about the need for Turkey to you?
It’s hard to be a woman. Our biggest enemy and our biggest supporter are other women. There are two types of women: A) Jealous, competing women B) Successful, supporting, embracing and grateful women. I feel I belong to category B and I hope other women see me as a role model and increase their self-confidence with their healthy life approach, become happy and support all women.

Which project are you working on this year?
My You in will be published in Europe this month. I am very happy because Germany is a big market, Switzerland is my country and when I published my first book, my old journalist friends helped me so much that my book became the bestseller. Writing books is a joy, I already have a new idea for the third. I will probably write it in the summer of 2020. I completed coaching training in 2019 and started giving sessions. I plan to increase my sessions because I like to see the rapid change of my clients. I also plan to enter the ICF class this year (International Coach Federation). I am thinking of producing a product this year, I aim to work on it.

What should be the definition of "Success" for a business woman? How do you define success?

For me, success means touching people. For this reason, my target group is women because a woman becomes a mother, wife and friend. If I reach a woman, I reach her whole family, even her close friends. I’ve never measured success with money, but it’s great if you can earn money while doing what you love. Money is already a tool to get what you always wanted. When I have money, I can invest more in my business I believe because my goal is to touch more women.

Brand, value, labor…. If we want to share these three words with our readers in your opinion, can you write us your sentence?
Creating a brand requires a lot of effort, we always have to work. If a person manages to carry his own values ​​to his brand, a valuable brand is born. My most important value is honesty, so my followers trust the Squatgirl brand.

Imagine seeing a woman who does not trust her and is unaware of her potential. Let’s inspire him. What would you say?
This is a complete coaching subject. I help my clients discover their potential and reach their goals. By asking strong questions, I support this woman on a journey and become the person she wants. Even if a million people see your potential, you cannot progress when you don’t see it yourself or believe in yourself. So be aware of yourself. You are the biggest inspiration.

What projects do you plan to implement in 5 years?

I want to make my own product. People are surprised when I say I eat dessert every day. If I make those desserts in the form of bars, everyone can carry a healthy and very delicious snack in their bag. I want it to be delicious and healthy. I want my followers to play sports because my videos are fun or I want them to buy my bars just like that because they are delicious.

What can you say about your brand, how would you like to talk?

I am very happy when I hear the words “I like sports with you”. The Squatgirl brand is a brand that reflects entertainment and happiness in the healthcare industry. We have no forbidden things, we make choices and act. My followers get rid of diets and start a healthy and sustainable lifestyle with the Squatgirl method. Squatgirl is a truly healthy lifestyle brand.


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