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Breaking news: Anger grew like an avalanche in the USA! Curfew declared

Breaking news: Anger grew like an avalanche in the USA! Curfew was declared. Donald Trump approved the military intervention. There are hot conflicts in many regions.

US curfew

According to the last minute news; A 2-day curfew was declared in the US capital, Washington DC, due to the intensification of protests due to the murder of black American George Floyd with police violence. See who has held responsible for what happened, US President Donald Trump. Minnesota state governor Tim Walz announced that the funeral of George Floyd will be held on Thursday.

After the intensification of protests that began after the black American George Floyd died of police violence, a curfew was declared on Monday and Tuesday between 21.00-06.00 in the US capital, Washington DC.

Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser held a press conference on the city’s last two days of protests and violent incidents.

Reminding that many workplaces were looted and some places were set on fire, especially in the protests last night, Bowser said, “In accordance with the first article of the Constitution, protesters have the right to organize demonstrations, but they should not destroy our city while doing so.” used the expression.

“We are announcing a two-day curfew in Washington DC to be effective tonight,” Bowser said, pointing out that the security forces are trying to ensure public order throughout the city. said.

USA curfew in many regions

US President Donald Trump mentioned that he could declare a curfew in many states. He states that especially after increasing actions, this will be asked very hard. Many people remain silent. While the danger is growing rapidly, many stores are looted.

The scope and details of the curfew were determined by the decree published. Accordingly, those who work in certain areas and members of the press will not be affected by the ban, which will be valid between 21.00-06.00.

Meanwhile, for the presidential elections on November 3, there will be a preliminary election tomorrow in Washington DC.
In the decree, it was noted that the curfew will not affect the pre-elections, and the ballot boxes will open at 08:00 in the morning.

The cry of "I can't breathe" brought police violence to the agenda

George Floyd, 46, was imprisoned in Minneapolis on Monday for suspicion of fraud and begged “I can’t breathe” for a minute because a police officer stepped on her neck with a knee.

It was announced that Floyd died in the hospital where she was removed by the emergency medical teams who came to the scene, and the images recorded by passers-by on their mobile phones had received great reaction on social media.


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