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Breaking news: Frightening picture in Kovid-19 case number in the world

According to the “Worldometer” website, where data on cases in countries and regions with Kovid-19 are compiled, the number of people caught Kovid-19 in the world has reached 4 million 703 thousand 844.

The new type of coronavirus case was most common in the USA. 1 million 502 thousand 11 people were caught in Kovid-19 in the USA.

The countries with the highest number of cases following the USA are Spain (276 thousand 505), Russia (272 thousand 43), England (236 thousand 711), Italy (240 thousand 161), Brazil (227 thousand 919), France (179 thousand 506 respectively). ) and Germany (175 thousand 921).

The number of cases in Turkey has reached 146 thousand 76.

Other countries where the number of cases exceeded 50 thousand in Worldometer are listed as follows:

“Iran (118 thousand 392), India (90 thousand 648), Peru (88 thousand 541), China (82 thousand 941), Canada (75 thousand 770), Belgium (54 thousand 989) and Saudi Arabia (52 thousand 16) . ”

The new type of coronavirus emerging in Wuhan, China has spread to more than 200 countries and regions. While 311,810 people died due to the virus worldwide, 1 million 802 thousand 385 people recovered. There are 2 million 589 thousand 649 active infected cases still in treatment.


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