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Breaking news. . . Greek government does not mind game: they gave us at the last minute to Turkey

Greek Cypriot administration, Turkey’s airspace carrying medical supplies they buy from China even though they knew that he wanted to put off the aircraft without notifying the Turkish airspace. Turkey did not allow, “Turkey is blocking humanitarian aid ‘made propaganda. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminded that humanitarian aid flights are allowed if notified in advance.


The plane game of the Greeks took place last week. Choir bought 35 tons of medical supplies from China to be used in the struggle with the Greek Cypriot administration, they know that it is closed without informing Turkey wanted to enforce the airspace. Turkey, last minute refused to let the plane asking the right of passage and went to Moscow to freshen aircraft fuel. Medical equipment came to the Greek administration on Iranian airspace on Tuesday. Greek government began an intensive propaganda against Turkey in the EU. EU Commission spokesman Peter Stano made statements as a result of intensive intervention previous evening and Greek Cypriots and Turkey during the epidemic is doing to help medical supplies to many countries, also he said that the Greek Cypriot administration are expected to be tolerant.


Foreign Spokesperson Hami Aksoy made a written statement to the question on the issue and stated that the incident was an abuse of the Greek side. Aksoy stated that if the Greeks are notified in a timely manner to ambulances, evacuation flights or aircraft carrying health equipment, they respond positively with humanitarian considerations. Aksoy said, “The Greek Cypriot administration, who knows this practice, is a manifestation of the efforts of our country to use certain issues for the sake of their own people’s interests, by not allowing the aircraft to apply in a timely manner. Greek government last week, Greece, Egypt, France and Turkey, which also included the UAE had signed a statement protesting drilling activities in the eastern Mediterranean.


– Turkish airspace has been closed to the Greek Cypriot administration since 1974 Cyprus Peace Operation. Turkey, in exchange for the removal of the travel embargo imposed on TRNC Turkey to open its airspace and ports have offered many times, but Greek Cypriots rejected it. Greek administration is keeping closed the airspace over Turkey.

– Although the Greek administration rejected the UN plan (Annan plan) in 2004 to unite Cyprus, it became a full member of the EU. Greeks using EU airspace in the framework of the customs union, Turkey has wanted to open its air and sea ports to Greek Cypriot planes and ships. If Turkey does not recognize the Greek Cypriot administration did not agree. Greeks support EU suspended eight of the negotiation chapters with Turkey for full membership.

– Greek Cypriot administration, Turkey to open its air and sea ports, wants to recognize them as the official government of Cyprus and the Turkish military’s departure from the island. It tries every way to serve these purposes.


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