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Breaking News Turkey Finds Natural Gas

Last Minute: President Erdoğan, highly anticipated statement

Last minute: All gospel impatiently waiting for Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, “Turkey has the largest natural gas discoveries in the history of the Black Sea,” he said. Turkey found the largest natural gas reserves in history. Turkey was made by the state news agenda in many countries worldwide.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday at the opening of Galleon Solar Technologies Plant “a gospel of grace our dreams on Friday will give hope to our nation. Will open a new era” Turkey after their statements focused on all these developments. The expected moment has come for the gospel that millions have been looking forward to. Erdogan explaining the Gospel, “Turkey made the biggest natural gas discovery in the history of the Black Sea. We found reserves of 320 billion cubic meters,” he said.

Turkey News: We looked for a date with you to explain the good news in terms of our country today. As it is known, energy is of great importance as the basic element of national development as well as being the basic element of development. The realization of the visions put forward by the countries is proportional to the realization of the activities in the energy sector. There is no confusion, chaos, war, conflict in the world, so that there is no energy account behind it in one way or another.


First of all, we said friendship, oppressed people, right, law, justice. Humanity may have remained with us oil. My Lord opened a door of unprecedented wealth for us. We were foreign dependent in deep sea drilling. We have embarked on a quest to do deep sea drilling personally. The joy of today made us live by the ship Fatih. Turkey has carried out the largest natural gas discovery in the history of the Black Sea. We found 320 billion cubic meters of reserves.


I remember the day I saw him off from the Bosphorus. And with that farewell, we have achieved the result and discovery. Our Fatih Sounding ship, which we saw off to the Black Sea on the anniversary of the conquest of Istanbul, made us all proud. All the tests, analysis and engineering studies required in this area, which we named Sakarya Gas Field, which was previously named Tuna1, have been completed. Data from the well indicate that new natural gas discoveries are highly likely in the same region. This reserve is only part of a much larger resource. I hope the continuation will come as soon as possible.

Russia is QUIET! USA congratulates

A period of tension between the US and Turkey had risen rapidly. US and Turkey with the new year began to close again the result of favorable policies. Turkey with Russian as a result of disturbances between the United States had begun to establish good policies. But Russia does not support a state when a turkey is strong.

Turkey due to the attitude of Russians came to the patient and most powerful country in the middle east situation with the right policies.


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