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2 months of stress can lower your sperm quality – The disease that scares men Stress

Tense and stressful two months reduces your sperm quality by 47 percent and makes it difficult for you to have children. Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr. Betül Görgen gave the following information about the results of the research, which examined 11 thousand sperm samples obtained from Israeli researchers from men with an average age of 32:

Sperm movement is very important in fertilization of the egg and slowing in sperm movement is one of the most important factors that naturally reduces the chance of pregnancy. Israeli scientists have shown that men under severe pressure and stress develop severe impairment in sperm movement.

Change in lifestyle is essential

If there is no urgent change in lifestyle, we need to worry about the future. Previous studies have found the presence of chemicals that affect sperm in soap, suntan oil and plastic. Besides these physical factors, the stress / infertility relationship is also very strong. It is almost a vicious circle. A man who has problems with sperm feels weak, even his relationship with his partner may deteriorate. This raises the stress level.

Things to do for healthier sperm

– quit smoking

– Not consuming excessive alcohol

– Adequate sleep

– Avoiding tight underwear

– Escape stress

– Exercising healthy and staying fit.

– Being healthy body weight.


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