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China has claimed Huawei and Honor! Now think Trump!

The trade war between the United States and China moved to another dimension. As it is known, Trump has been loading to China over Huawei for the last 2 years. China, which has not hesitated to take concrete steps about the issue until now, has not ignored the last move of the USA.

China has claimed Huawei and Honor! Now think Trump!

The Trump government last met with Huawei’s chip supplier TSMC and asked them to end their commercial relationship with the Chinese manufacturer.

TSMC has stopped accepting orders from Huawei at the factory, which opened in the United States. Support for Huawei, which has become seriously difficult with this decision, came from China.

As it is known, TSMC is an unrivaled company in chip production. Although SMIC to produce middle segment Huawei also need to tsmc’y chips for high-end chips.

However, China decided to fund SMIC, the biggest chip producer in the country, with an unexpected move. SMIC 2 for a $ 2 billion investment budget was allocated. Thus, SMIC will be ready for high-end chip production in a short time. So Trump’s TSMC move will also burst. Moreover, China will completely cut its dependence on foreign production in chip production.

Now it is a question of how Trump will take this decision. On the other hand, it is among the leaked information that China will impose new restrictions on trade with US based companies such as Apple, Qualcomm and Intel. It seems that in 2020, the trade war between the USA and China will heat up.


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