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Colorado expands its portfolio with new sauces

Assan Foods,Colorado

Assen Foods, “Turkey’s Sauce Expert” in the portfolio of the Colorado brand by positioning within the scope of at least 3 new sauce magnification objectives each year, offering new flavor experiences pesto, guacamole, made the introduction of relish and buffalo sauce.

Ketchup, mayonnaise and sauces category of Turkey’s leading manufacturers of Assen Foods, “Turkey’s Sauce Expert” in the portfolio of the Colorado brand positioning within the scope of at least 3 new sauce magnification objectives each year, offering new flavor experiences pesto, guacamole, relish and buffalo sauce of He promoted.

According to a statement from Assen Foods, founded in 1998, Kibar Holding, 4 days at this point thousand 500 tons to process fresh tomatoes, Turkey’s ketchup with the capacity to produce packaged products 2.5 million units, the leading manufacturer of mayonnaise and sauces category Assen Foods, It promoted 4 new sauces with the Colorado brand.

Pesto, guacamole, buffalo and relish are added as new sauces to Colorado’s product portfolio.

Colorado Pesto Sauce, which is an indispensable part of the pasta and contains basil, complements the snacks and all kinds of appetizers in a delicious way.

Colorado Guacamole Sauce, which spreads from Mexican cuisine to the world and offers an exotic taste experience with the avocado it contains, is a perfect match for all Mexican dishes, especially fajitas, and potato chips.

With a rich tomato-based content, Colorado Relish Sauce is considered an indispensable part of French fries as well as adding flavor to fast food, snacks and burgers.

Another hot and appetizing sauce, Colorado Buffalo Sauce, is used to enrich the flavor of snack plates and snack foods as well as coated fried products such as chicken.

"We put academic collaborations on the agenda to improve our sauce portfolio"

Description in the opinion of the place given Assen Foods Strategy and Marketing Manager Happy Tanberk, Colorado Buffalo Sauceda’s, many in the world and Turkey is a five star hotel and prestigious after working as executive chef at the restaurant, the first people who have received academic chief title in Turkey, Istanbul Bilgi University The Instructor reported that it was developed by chief David Shipman.

Tanberk said, “We have brought academic collaborations to the agenda to further develop our sauce portfolio and included Colorado Buffalo Sauce, one of the sauces we developed with David Shipman, within the scope of this year’s launch. and continues in the Culinary Arts department and continues to bring new names to the sector. ” used the expressions.

HORECA sector to facilitate its use in the kitchen of chefs in order Colorado Pesto Sauce and Colorado Guacamole Sauceda the glass jar, Colorado Relish Sauce and Colorado Buffalo is the Sauceda transfer they offer 2-liter drums should Tanberk, I Kington in Turkey, Colorado, and Obama brand with the home consumption market reported that they were involved.

"Colorado's flavor world has expanded even more"

“Turkey’s sauce Our brand is our positioning as a specialist has an enormous range of a product of Colorado. We have a serious product portfolio even in our first year we launched and we have continued to expand this portfolio accomplishing our goal to three new sauces touted every year. Our new flavors Pesto Sauce, Colorado’s flavor world has expanded with Guacamole Sauce, Relish Sauce and Buffalo Sauce.

We produce over 300 products including tomato and pepper paste, ketchup, mayonnaise and various sauces in our Susurluk factory and tomato paste in our Ege Assan factory located in the Izmir Free Zone. With our production that meets the hygiene and quality standards of the global food industry at the highest level, we address different tastes and consumption habits in our country and all over the world. “

According to the information given, Assan Foods, which exports to more than 30 countries in 4 continents, in addition to its leadership in the domestic market in the fields of Colorado, Kingtom and Oba brands and private label, continues to grow with the Colorado branded products it has developed.

Assan Foods supplies tomatoes and pepper paste as raw materials to global food companies such as Unilever, Nestle and Ishimitsu in Japan; Burger King in Turkey, Köfteci Joseph, Domino’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, Popeyes as many restaurants and fast food chain, B, Metro and hakmar the grocery chain ketchup, mayonnaise and sauces produces.

In addition to ketchup and mayonnaise, Colorado is a leader in the outside-home consumption sauce market with its wide sauce portfolio. The Colorado Gourmet series is offered to the end consumers on the table tops in the HORECA channel and the Colorado canister products are offered to the chefs in the kitchens with its wide range.


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