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Coronavirus affects blood groups differently!

Coronavirus affects blood groups differently! Scientists have identified the most affected group. World blood groups and treatments were taken into account.

Effect on coronavirus blood groups

While the coronavirus epidemic continues to affect the world, it has been found in studies conducted by scientists that patients with the A positive blood group are 45 percent more likely to experience respiratory distress and 35 percent less than the 0 group.

While the number of people caught in coronavirus (Kovid-19) worldwide exceeds 7 million, loss of life has exceeded 400 thousand. While activities on the treatment and prevention of the disease continue at full speed, research on the characteristic of coronavirus progresses in very different layers. laid-back.


According to the article published on the MedRvix site, but not yet reviewed by the referee, 1610 patients from Spain and Italy and a control group of 2205 people were 45 percent more likely to experience respiratory illness and 35 percent less risk of 0-group patients.

Stating that the blood group was found to be effective in the rate of getting SARS disease, the researchers stated that the first clinical reports indicated that this was also the case in Kovid-19, and that their results were parallel to these predictions.


While the countries most affected by Europe were Britain, Italy and Spain, where more than one hundred and thirty thousand people died, it was found that the majority of patients with coronavirus showed either mild or no symptoms.

While the mortality rate was high among those with acute respiratory diseases, it was emphasized that there were other problems such as chronic cap disorders, obesity, diabetes and hypertension in patients with severe disease due to many unknown reasons.


Emphasizing that these observations were hypothetical findings related to the pathology of the Kovid-19 disease, Tom Karlsen from Oslo University Hospital and her team of researchers in Spain, Italy and Germany stated that they were doing genetic research to examine this.


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