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Coronavirus increased interest in virtual markets by 251 percent

Due to coronavirus, consumers prefer to go out to shop in order to maintain social distance, increasing the traffic on online shopping sites. According to the “We Are Social” report published by Hootsuite company, in the January-April period, there was a great interest in online food-oriented shopping.

Traffic of tourism sites decreased by 72 percent

According to the We Are Social report, the fact that many people pay attention to doing market shopping without going out as much as possible during the coronavirus process has increased the virtual market traffic by 251 percent. In this process, the traffic of tourism sites decreased by 72 percent.

Skype, Zoom and EBA usage increased by 15 times

Deloitte’s “Global Covidien-19 Outbreak Effects of Different Categories in Turkey,” according to the report, Skype, Zoom and Education Information Network (EBA) the use of such video conferencing and distance education programs has increased about 15 times. The report stated that consumers who plan to spend more time at home show high interest in hobby sites such as knitting and handicrafts. The organizations that carry out the most cinema, culture and art activities and the companies that organize arts and entertainment activities were adversely affected during our stay at home. In addition, the demand for transportation services, jewelry and jewelry products has decreased significantly.

Investing in digital marketing wins

Gökhan Bülbül, CEO of Google SMB Premier Partner EG Information Technologies said, “In this period, we are experiencing differences in our life cycle and in our digital habits. The necessity to comply with the social distance rules and the great closure of the stores directed the shopping to the e-commerce channel. Web sites loading speed, user friendliness, optimization of search words gained more importance. In the days we work from home, we observe that companies that invest in digital marketing get a lot of return on their investment. ” said.


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