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Coronavirus was developed in the USA in 2003?

Coronavirus was developed in the USA in 2003?

As the new coronavirus emerging in China continues to spread, different claims about this mysterious epidemic, especially on social media, are coming up. One of the claims is that the virus was developed in 2003 in the United States in a laboratory environment.

First of all, it should be noted that Chinese officials state that the virus appeared in Wuhan city.

Social media users who put the claim on the agenda also share a document with an official registration number. Allegedly, the virus developed and patented in 2003 will perish in 2020. Therefore, it is aimed to start an epidemic and sell vaccines before the virus disappears.

However, when the patent number on the document is examined, it is seen that the record in question does not belong to the 2019-nCoV (now known as Covid-19) virus seen in China, but to the SARS-CoV virus that was effective in China between 2002-2003.

The recorded document of another coronavirus-related biological studies leading to Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) is presented as a document of the Covid-19 virus seen today.

Are There Any Other Viruses Like Coronavirus?

Contrary to what the claimants think, the concept of coronavirus does not refer to a single virus. The concept is a generic name used for many viruses of the same type. According to the World Health Organization, coronaviruses are the common name for many viruses that can cause a wide variety of diseases in humans, from a simple cold to SARS. These viruses can also cause various diseases in animals.

The virus previously had fatal consequences, as it appeared in Saudi Arabia in 2015 (MERS) as well as SARS disease.

According to the data of the world health organization, many different virus threats such as Covid-19 have been announced that humanity may experience bad times again. The USA, on the other hand, caused protests around the world as a result of such biological weapons experiments. Japan and China, in particular, experienced great destructions by making biological weapons and being subjected to weapons in ancient times.

Patent number related to the treatment study
The patent number for a virus does not mean that the virus was developed in the laboratory. During the vaccine development phase against viruses, if the virus was isolated, a patent is obtained for this. So, the patent in question of the SARS-CoV virus shows that US scientists have found a way to deal with the virus. Looking at the details of the related document whose link we shared above, it is possible to see this information.

In addition, when we consider that there is no vaccine or any cure for Covid-19 virus at present, the claims that “the virus was infected before the extinction to sell the vaccine” is rotting.

Is the killing rate the same as the seasonal flu virus?

The killing rate of the Covid-19 virus is currently 3 percent, that is, 3 percent of patients infected with the virus. Most of the dead are over 60 years old.

Considering the killing rate, it cannot be said that the new coronavirus is more lethal than the seasonal flu virus. However, experts are worried that the infected virus may have more lethal consequences before showing its symptoms.