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COVID-19 contaminated people exceeded 4 million 100 thousand

According to the “Worldometer” website, where data on new cases in countries and regions with new types of coronavirus (COVID-19) were compiled, the total number of cases worldwide reached 4 million 101 thousand 974.

The country with the highest number of cases was the USA with 1 million 347 thousand 309. This country of 262 thousand 783 in Spain, 218 thousand 268 with Italy, 215 thousand 260 with England, 198 thousand 676 in Russia, 176 thousand 658 to France, 171 thousand 324 Germany, 156 thousand 61 with Brazil, 137 thousand 115 Turkey and Iran followed with 106 thousand 220.

In the mainland of China, where the outbreak occurred, 82 thousand 901 cases were recorded.

Other countries with more than 20 thousand cases are listed as follows:

“Canada (67 thousand 702), Peru (65 thousand 15), India (62 thousand 939), Belgium (52 ​​thousand 596), the Netherlands (42 thousand 382), Saudi Arabia (37 thousand 136), Mexico (33 thousand 460) , Switzerland (30 thousand 251), Pakistan (29 thousand 465), Ecuador (29 thousand 71), Portugal (27 thousand 406), Chile (27 thousand 219), Sweden (25 thousand 921), Ireland (22 thousand 760), Singapore (22 thousand 460), Belarus (22 thousand 52) and Qatar (21 thousand 331). ”

The COVID-19 outbreak that occurred in December 2019 in Wuhan, China’s Hubey province, spread to more than 200 countries and regions worldwide.

Due to the epidemic, 280 thousand 451 people died worldwide, 1 million 441 thousand 866 people infected with the virus recovered.

There are 2 million 379 thousand 657 active infected people currently being treated.

 Source: AA


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