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Russia Corona Vaccine: What Will Be The Name, How Many Countries Have It Order, And How Long Will Its Effect?

All the details about Russia's Vaccine

  • Russian President Putin announced today the details of the step taken in his country regarding the vaccine, which the whole world is eagerly awaiting. It was stated that orders came from many countries for the registered vaccine.
  • Let’s look at the details of the vaccine agenda together.
  • Russia announced that orders came from 20 countries.

For the vaccine, which is expected to start production in September, 1 billion doses will be produced in the first place.

  • The vaccine was named ‘Sputnik’. Russia announced that the coronavirus vaccine, which was announced to be developed, was named ‘Sputnik V’.
  • Sputnik was the name of the first USSR satellite to go into space.

Putin announced Russia’s first coronavirus vaccine!

The name given to the vaccine is a message to the USA
Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the first vaccine developed against coronavirus was registered. Making a statement, Putin said, “The Kovid-19 vaccine developed by the Gamaleya Institute has received approval from the Russian Ministry of Health. I hope that Russia will start mass production of the coronavirus vaccine soon.” The vaccine produced in Russia is the world’s first Kovid-19 vaccine. The vaccine was also given to Putin’s daughter.

How long will the vaccine take effect?

In the statement made by the Russian Ministry of Health, “The dual application scheme provides immunity for a long time. Practice experiences show that immunity remains up to 2 years ”was used.

The World Health Organization made a statement for the vaccine: The World Health Organization, which continues its work within the United Nations, made a statement about the statements of the Russian authorities. The WHO Spokesperson made a statement, “We are in close contact with the Russian health authorities about the registration process of the Covid-19 vaccine”.

Making a statement in Geneva, Jasarevic said, “We are in close contact with Russian health officials and our discussions by WHO about the evaluation of the vaccine are continuing. It must be said again that the safety of the vaccine must be proven through a series of examinations and tests and the effect must be demonstrated ”.


Russian President Vladimir Putin announced today that the vaccine has passed all trials and has been registered. Stating that the study, which is the first Kovid-19 vaccine in the world, was also made to his daughter, the Russian leader said, “The Kovid-19 vaccine, developed by the Gamaleya Institute, has received approval from the Russian Ministry of Health. I hope that Russia will start mass production of the coronavirus vaccine soon.”


Russian Health Minister Muraşko shared the information that after the registration of the vaccine, healthcare professionals and teachers will start to be administered first, and stated that these groups will be observed at the same time.


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