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Dan Bilzerian Enjoying Holiday

Dan Bilzerian, who gained a worldwide reputation with his shares in social media, is on holiday in Mykonos. Bilzerian was seen the day before with beautiful brunette and bodyguards. Dan Bilzerian, one of the richest playboys, is on vacation with many beautiful models. They are especially protected by high-level security measures.

Dan Bilzerian on Holiday with Beautiful Models

Dan Bilzerian, known for his luxurious and flamboyant life, has been enjoying the summer holiday in the Aegean and the Mediterranean for a while. Bilzerian, who first rested in Croatia for a while, then went to the island of Mykonos with his yacht.

The social media phenomenon, which is displayed with the beautiful brunette and bodyguards, ate lunch here.

Known as the ‘King of Instagram’, Dan Bilzerian (39) has been enjoying summer in the Aegean and the Mediterranean for a while. Bilzerian was last viewed in Mykonos.
Dan Bilzerian, who is known as the “king of Instagram” with his flamboyant life on social media, continues his summer vacation.

Bilzerian, who first rested in Croatia for a while, moved to Mykonos, Greece a few days ago.

To Bilzerian while on vacation; The brunette was accompanied by a young woman with her bodyguards and a group of friends.

Along with beautiful female bodyguards, it was protected by many private male bodyguards. Dan, who draws attention with his richness, is now taking over many different business sectors.

billionaire Bilzerian

Billzier Bilzerian, a poker player and business person, had lunch on the island of Mykonos.

The fans and social media followers who knew him as soon as he stepped into the restaurant surrounded Bilzerian. Bilzerian did not turn down those who wanted to take souvenir photos with him. Bilzerian shared this pose previously taken on the island of Santorini.

The billionaire was before him in Dubrovnik, Croatia.


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