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Daniela Ospina makes a statement about James Rodriguez despite betraying her

Daniela Ospina respects James Rodriguez despite betraying her: Our relationship is perfect

Daniela Ospina, who ended their 6-year marriage due to the betrayal of James Rodriguez, who was transferred to Everton, said he respected the Colombian football player. Daniela, who is also the brother of David Ospina, who plays in Napoli, stated that their relationship with James was excellent.

James Rodriguez’s ex-wife, Daniela Ospina, who transferred from Real Madrid to Everton at the beginning of the season, spoke for the first time in a long time about their breakup. After his ex-wife betrayed him, Daniela felt a great heartbreak and felt the need to make a statement in the following days.

Ospina, who ended their 6-year marriage on the grounds that the Colombian football player betrayed him, stated that despite what happened, their communication continued due to their daughters.


28-year-old Daniela Ospina, a former volleyball player, stated that her relationship with James was perfect, “The moment we saw that we could not go on together, we put our daughter, our love for her and our respect for each other. James is a wonderful person, he is my daughter’s father. I have many dreams to make it happen.” However, our relationship today is excellent, “he said.


Stating that he prefers to punctuate the relationship in a good way rather than continue and fight, Ospina said, “When something does not work, it may be because of failure in many things. I am one of those who suddenly start fighting with that person I love, respect and value and prefer a good ending rather than getting into problems.” used the expressions.

Daniela Ospina, who is also the brother of David Ospina, who also wears Napoli jersey, also actively uses social media. The 28-year-old former volleyball player has 6.7 million followers on Instagram.

English Premier League team Everton transfer Real Madrid's Colombian player James Rodriguez.

In the statement made by the club, it was announced that a 3-year contract was signed with a 29-year-old player, with 1 year optional.

British media reported that Everton would pay around 22m euros to the Spanish team for Rodriguez.

In addition to Real Madrid, Rodriguez played for his country’s Envigado, Argentina’s Atletico Banfield, Portugal’s Porto, France’s Monaco and Germany’s Bayern Munich, and scored 22 goals with Colombia, which he sweated in 76 games.


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