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David Beckham breaks deal with £ 18m loss company

There are no positive developments in the Beckham Family right now. The criticism was the target when Victoria Beckham first laid off 30 employees and cut 20 percent in wages. Afterwards, David Beckham, who tried to make people forget these events, did not make donations in the context of the fight against the corona virus, but the people did not make a donation by saying “Your effort to support the epidemic while leaving people in a difficult situation”.

Now there is another incident of the British press with the title of ‘A new shame for the family’… Former football player David Beckham, who is in partnership with the fashion brand Kent Curwen, signed the five-year agreement after the company’s owners reported a £ 18 million (156 million TL) loss. It overturned. Moreover, Beckham paid 7-digit numbers in time to become the company’s business partner.

“Actually, he left the company at the end of last year,” a source told The Sun newspaper. However, contract negotiations continue. ” In three years, £ 18 million loss forced the company’s owner to cut staff by almost a third last October, thus salary costs dropped by £ 8 million. The brand, which has an exorbitant price, sells 75 pounds of hat, 155 pounds of sweatshirt and 450 pounds of jacket. Despite the decision to break up, David Beckham remains the face of the brand and is still a business partner on the official website.


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