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Davina McCall says she feels like ‘foxy minx’ at 52

'Women over 50 can still enjoy orgasms!' Davina McCall says she feels like 'a foxy minx' at 52 as star reveals she's even had her nipple re-pierced

She split from from husband Matthew Robertson in 2017 after 17 years together, and is now dating her longtime friend Michael Douglas.

And, Davina McCall, 52, has said she ‘still enjoys orgasms’ and seems like ‘a foxy minx’ as she revealed that she’s had her nipple re-pierced, as she graced the duvet of Women’s Health.

The presenter – who is mum to 3 children, Holly, 18, Tilly, 16 and Chester, 13, from her former marriage – also pointed to a ‘story behind the sadness’ of her post-divorce weight loss, as she showcased her abs for the duvet shoot.

Discussing life after 50, Davina told Women’s Health: ‘I don’t look nearly as good naked as I did in my twenties. But I feel better, and that is the difference.

‘I walk around sort of a foxy minx now because I desire a foxy minx.

‘Women over 50 feel sexy, we will dress sexily and that we can wear underwear and that we still enjoy orgasms…

‘People say, “Oh, it’s all gone…menopause…you’re finished together with your wizened, dried-up ovaries.” I desire it’s really important to mention that folks in their fifties are having the time of their lives.’

Explaining the consequences of experiencing menopause at 44, Davina said: ‘My phone was within the fridge and my keys were within the bin.

‘My night sweats became so bad. I just never slept through. i could not read Autocue,’ but the presenter found instant relief from HRT.

She said: ‘From the minute I put the small [hormone replacement therapy] patch on – boom, sleep. Oh my god, the joy. I felt like i used to be back.’

On being classed as an ‘older’ woman, the TV presenter admitted: ‘I desire whenever people start trying to place me therein box, it makes me want to be really naughty.

‘I desire running around flicking everybody the bird…I want to try to to something outlandish and unexpected and outrageous.’

The podcast host – who has had her nipple re-pierced – recalled: ‘I [first] pierced my nipple once I was 24 or 25 and that i really liked it. Then, it was, like, very avant- garde.’

Davina – who famously lost a notable amount of weight following the top of her marriage to Matthew – admitted there’s a ‘story behind the sadness’ of her divorce diet.

She said: ‘It’s called the divorce diet, where you only literally shed [weight]. It happens to numerous people i do know . it had been nothing I did. i used to be just running on adrenaline.

‘Quite a couple of people [understood] and were like, “I think she’s having a tough time, maybe we should always lay off.” But there have been many people that didn’t.

‘There are some really mean people out there and there also are some very uninformed people that don’t believe the story behind the sadness.’

Read the complete Davina McCall interview within the October 2020 issue of Women’s Health, on sale from 2nd September 2020, also available as a digital edition.


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