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Death in the United States at the Floyd shows

Death in the United States at the Floyd shows
The reactions to the killing of a black man named George Floyd while being detained by the police are growing like an avalanche in the USA.

Famous Athlete Dies in George Floyd's Actions!

A black suspect named George Floyd was breathlessly killed by the police in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Scandalous images, which a police officer pressed on the throat of George Floyd with his knee, made him breathless for minutes and caused his death, were on the agenda of America.

In the images, George Floyd was repeatedly pleading with “Please, I can’t breathe, please,” but the cops didn’t step back in any way before he died.
People in the United States took to the streets to protest this incident

LeBron James, known for his social issues, recalled the ‘kneeling’ protest launched against racism in 2016 by American football player Colin Kaepernick. Michael Jordan also expressed his anger.

The news received yesterday evening, saddened the world of sports.

In the news in the American press, it was stated that former American football player Chris Beaty lost her life when multiple police bullets hit her body during the events in Indianapolis on Saturday evening.

Born in Indianapolis, Chris Beaty played for the Indiana American Football team, who fought in the college league between 2000 and 2004.

Beaty, who has a prominent personality in Indianapolis, is said to be on television for reusable masks produced by the company he owns.

It was announced that Beaty, who was injured as a result of the police opening fire during the increasing events on Saturday, died at the scene.

Eric Gordon, wearing the Houston Rockets jersey in the NBA, also posted a message to Chris Beaty, whom he knew from college.

Beaty's Death Sad!

Gordon said in his message that Beaty is a very good person and works for good.

In addition, many names from the American sports world posted messages to Chris Beaty.

Pascal Nouma cited the Turkish police as an example!
Meaningful sharing from Pascal Nouma in the days when police violence peaked in America.


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